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Porcelain Sale Starts Today! Save Big on Beautiful Porcelain!

Happy birthday America! Today we’re celebrating our hand crafted, made in America porcelain line of products with our annual 4th of July Sale! It’s your chance to save 20% on all of our beautiful porcelain fixtures. In conjunctin with our Porcelain Blowout Sale, we’re introducing new fixtures, new shade styles, new sizes on some old favorites, and new finish colors that will have you oohing and aahing.

One of our newest porcelain offerings was just launched this week. The Studio Light takes some of our most popular RLM-inspired warehouse shades — the Bomber, the Union, the Sky Chief, and the deep bowl Wilcox — and gives them a unique suspension cable mounting combined with a wavy cord for a very fluid look. This light would work well over kitchen islands, dining room tables, or work spaces.

Coming soon is the Conoco Stem & Loop Pendant, seen here, which is a variation on the recently launched Sinclair Stem & Loop Pendant. The Conoco takes a flat cone reflector shade with its very shallow bowl and connects it to the stem and loop mount which features flexible cording at the top and bottom of the stem. This adaptation of the standard stem mount gives this light a more casual look suitable for home or office.

We’re also rolling out new sizes for some of our most popular lights. If you like the deep bowl Wilcox shade but wanted something bigger than the current 10″ offering, we now hand spin this shade in five sizes ranging from 8″ up to 16″ wide. The Union shade will also be offered in additional sizes including a 10″ and 14″ version. Be sure to check out all your favorite porcelain shades — goosenecks and pendants — for new sizes!

And the lab has been a whirlwind of activity lately as we create new colors for our porcelain line. Wouldn’t a brilliant Cherry Red look awesome on the patio? Or how about the classy Graphite Gray for the office? And there’s nothing quite like our new Confetti Graniteware! The 4th of July sale starts today and ends Monday, July 9th at 3:00am EST! Don’t miss out!

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