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Pendant Lighting for the Home Office

With more and more people opting to work from home nowadays, office design ideas are popping up all over blogs and magazines. Working from home allows for the worker bee to create and customize a space that will serve them best, both functionally and aesthetically. Whether you choose to be all business in your home office or add some personality, there are a few integral things to consider when creating the layout – including your pendant lighting options for the ultimate home office.

  1. Open shelving or closed storage? The workspace featured above utilizes a bit of both. By choosing a wall of open shelving paired with labeled baskets, finding fabrics or other needed supplies is a simple task. However, an armoire is also incorporated, perfect for storing literature or other messier supplies behind closed doors.
  2. Meeting space or personal office? If you plan on meeting with clients within your home office, you may want to create a neutral space with plenty of seating or tables to spread out plans. For a personal office, the opportunities for creativity are endless.
  3. Lighting for work areas is definitely an important key. Dimly lit settings can allow for eye strain or cause mistakes to happen, especially when it comes to cutting fabric or drawing out a building plan.

The studio featured today has the perfect pendant lighting for its necessary functions. Equipped with floor lighting like the Obscure Lamp in the corner and two large deep bowl pendants above the two desks, there is no chance for a mistake because of improper lighting. Similar to these pendant lights is the Barn Light Baylor Pendant. In addition to the light provided below, little arms connecting the shade to the cup allows for a bit of light to escape from the center as well.

Photo Courtesy of Decorology

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