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Outdoor Lighting | How to Create an Inviting Exterior for your Home

I have not adjusted to the time change apparently. I seem to forget, or perhaps I’m in denial, that it will be pitch black by the time I get home some days. I have yet to remember to turn on the outdoor lights when I leave.

And while late fall is a great time to wrap up outdoor chores for the year, it’s also a great time to think about your outdoor lighting which gets a workout during these months. If you remember to turn it on.

Start at the street and try to think like your Uncle Howard who will be navigating his way to your door for Thanksgiving in the dark. Is your driveway easy to see? Is your parking area well lit so Aunt Virginia doesn’t stumble and spill her famous sweet potato casserole?

A carefully placed Post Mount Light can provide plenty of light and security for driveways especially those set well back from the road. This Sky Chief Decorative Post Mount Light not only lights the way for nearsighted uncles but is a stylish addition to your home during daylight hours too.

How about the front porch? Is that builder-basic outdoor light your contractor installed 10 years ago completely rusted and hanging a bit cock-eyed? Switching out an existing fixture is a simple task for a qualified electrician and can give a whole new look to your front door. This La Grange Barn Lantern offers a classic look with its Old Bronze finish, clear seeded glass, and hand-forged iron detailing.

It is also available as the complementary La Grange Exterior Pendant if you prefer ceiling lights on your porch. A nostalgic Edison Style Light Bulb would bring a hint of vintage flavor to these beautiful lanterns.

If you’re lucky enough to live where it’s still seasonable to be outside in the late fall, chase the shadows away with a set of Café String Lights on your porch or patio to lend a holiday feel all year round! For more inspiration, be sure to check out our Photo Gallery for more Outdoor Lighting photos!

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