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How To Repair, Refresh Your Rustic Industrial Lighting

It’s a lovely summer day and you’re just settling down with a good book and cold glass of tea when….CRASH! The kids’ wiffleball game turns ugly for the front porch light. Your favorite wall sconce by the front door now has a broken jelly jar glass and an exposed light bulb. Luckily, you can find replacement guard and glass parts in our Barn Hardware collection.


Even if you haven’t suffered a catastrophe thanks to an errant foul ball, you can change out the guard or glass on your industrial wall light to give your lighting a fresh look.

You can replace a broken or bent cast guard with one of three styles — the standard cast guard, the heavy-duty cast guard, or the thinner wire guard. Each of these guards can be customized with one of durable powder coat finish colors or choose one of our beautiful paint-to-match porcelain colors. These finish colors are taken from our porcelain palette and include Bronze, Cherry Red, and the ever popular Jadite.

If you need a new jelly jar glass, eight choices are available. To let the most light shine through, choose a Clear jar. We also have Frosted and Ribbed versions if you want a softer, more diffused look to your light. Our newest jelly jar replacement is the Smoke Crackle glass.

Consider adding a colored light bulb to any of these jelly jars for a fun and festive look! If you need some inspiration and want to see what other customers have done in their own projects, be sure to check out our Photo Gallery which is chock full of customer photos.

And if you need additional help, our sales staff is happy to lend their expertise. Call them at 800-407-8784 or you can reach them via email at or via Live Chat during normal business hours 9am-6pm Monday through Friday.


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    Luke Smith

    It’s good to know that there are different types of lamp guards to protect your lamp bulb from being broken. I noticed that our porch has poor lighting, that’s why I suggested installing lamps on both sides of the door to give it extra light. Through your article, I’ll consider buying lamp guards as well to prevent damage and to safeguard our old lamps after they’ve been restored by a lamp repair service.

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    EP Electrician

    I’ve been pushing my clients on the best ways to protect their home and things around the home for a while now. The guards to protect your lights is a great suggestion for people. I’ve seen plenty of houses without any kind of guard on their lights so I’ll be giving them this advice. Thanks for the helpful information.

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    We completely agree that these guards are a sturdy and stylish way to protect outdoor lighting! Thanks for checking out the blog!

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