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Featured Customer | Grace from Pasadena, CA

photo211.jpgIf you weren’t already aware, this style of warehouse lighting was originally used in industrialized settings, starting with factories then later brought into urban lofts. In turn, it was these urban lofts that were created from old factory buildings. Both designers and homeowners have recognized the versatility of warehouse lighting, and began to use them within their own design projects, just like the one today…

galv_warehouse-282x300.jpgToday’s featured customer, Grace from Pasadena, California, took into account the variations of styles available for our Barn Light Warehouse Pendant. Grace’s abode has an minimalist yet contemporary design scheme that incorporates clean, sleek lines with modern finishes. Her dining room utilizes simple carpeting along with chic white chairs and a medium-toned wood table. Both major furniture pieces feature chrome legs that add to the modern feel.

The straightforward atmosphere of Grace’s home seemed to be calling out for something more. This is when she came to us in search of a ceiling pendant to mount over her dining table. By choosing the Original Warehouse Pendant in Painted Patina finish, her ceiling light seems to be in the same color family as the shade on the walls, helping it to blend in the best way possible.

contemporary_dining_room_lighting.jpgWarehouse pendants and matching wall sconces are ideal for minimalist designs simply because of their informal construction. We love the unique color Grace chose, and just like the yellow and red shades we’ve featured before, these colors aren’t something you see everyday!

For an even more industrialized look, we suggest Galvanized or Brushed Aluminum. No matter your design style, we’re confident a warehouse pendant will be the final touch to your home!

Want us to feature your home next? Submitting your photos is easy! Simply upload them from your computer here or email them to: stephanie (at) You too could be our next Featured Customer!

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