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Bring Cabin Life Home with Vintage Pendant Lighting

Rustic pendant lighting can be found within charming cabins scattered all throughout mountainous regions of the United States. Oftentimes, these are sought after vacation destinations, no matter what time of year. Venture out into the hills for a little wintertime skiing and snowboarding or head out for an autumn hike to witness the fall foliage in oranges, yellows, and reds that take over the mountainside. Many choose their cabin based on location and price, but also how the interior appears. After all, the prime reality lies in front of the cozy fireplace on a cold winter’s day!

If you’re not in the market to purchase a vacation home or new residence anytime soon, you can still get that cozy cabin feel. Whether you’re planning on completely renovating, or just switching out your pendant lighting, a rustic atmosphere is easily attainable. A captivating detail in the featured kitchen is the work area; by recessing the sink into the stonework and placing bar stools under the overhang, additional floor space was added. If you’re planning an all out renovation, consider adding a similar island setup or reclaimed wood banquette. By adding in these simple wooden or stonework accents, it’s easily one of the most effortless switches that can makes a huge impact.

Another easy change is to replace your current lighting with some of our Naugatuck pendant lights. These are found in our Vintage Pendants section online and are almost identical to those found in the photo above. The rippled shade paired with a frosted ribbed glass lens illuminates the expansive kitchen island below while the finish harmonizes with the different earth tones throughout the room. Available in Antique Nickel, Aged Brass, Historic Bronze, or Polished Nickel, many of these finishes are sure to tie in with existing kitchen elements like hardware, appliances or faucets. If the cost is a concern with the Naugatuck Pendant, no need to worry – the quality of this light exceeds the initial price and will let you live the rustic life you’ve envisioned.


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