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House Beautiful Barn Light Electric Radial Wave Pendant

Barn Pendants Bring Color & Style To A Weekend Getaway

House-Beautiful-Barn-Light-Electric-Radial-Wave-Pendant.pngPhoto Courtesy of: House Beautiful Magazine

Not many of us can say we have a house quite this colorful! Completely opposite of the industrial design spectrum we see so much of today, is this wonderful cottage we found in House Beautiful. With all of the vibrant hues and fun patterns, it’s easy to see that this is a space created for a young family full of energy and excitement.

Is this too much color for you? Just right? Looking to bring even more color into your home? Not many people are willing to risk adding such bold finishes to their lighting selections, but those that do, are pleasantly rewarded in the end! Note the vibrant red Radial Wave Shades in both photos above. These uniquely shaped pendants are known for their retro- like appearance, with their wavy shades and distinctive optional accessories.

Depending on your mounting selection, our Barn Light Electric Radial Wave shades are available in up to 50+ finish options! Select from multiple gooseneck arms, stem mounts, or cord colors to mount your shades. Interior spaces, like we show above, are typically mounted via your choice of black or white cord. This allows for easy installation and height adjustments, depending on your overall ceiling heights. For exterior locations, such as the garage or front porch, you can browse over 30 unique gooseneck arms or opt for a stem mount. The steel piping keeps interior wiring dry and out of the rain, snow, and high winds.

The middle photo below shows off our wire guard and frosted glass combinations. Pairing a red wire guard with a standard galvanized finish, is an easy way for some hesitant shoppers to still bring in color, without going overboard. A similar option can also be found by viewing our Outback Pendant.

Barn-Light-Electric-Radial-Wave-Pendants-and-Goosenecks1.png(Left) Barn Light Radial Wave 14″ Shade, HL-H Gooseneck Arm, 97-Red: $278.00. (Center) 18″ Barn Light Radial Wave Pendant, 96-Galvanized, Red Wire Guard, Frosted Glass, 12″ Stem Mount: $283.00. (Right) 18″ Barn Light Radial Wave Vent Pendant, 123-Trans Blue, Black Cord Hung: $238.00.

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