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10 Gooseneck Lights Under $200

1.) 14″ Warehouse Shade Gooseneck Barn Light: $115.00
2.) Barn Light “The Copperhead” Warehouse Shade: $188.00
3.) Barn Light “The Artesia” Warehouse Shade: $168.00
4.) All Weather Gooseneck Farm Light Wall Mount: $119.00

5.) Warehouse Barn Light – Shallow Bowl: $188.00
6.) Classic Farm & Yard Light: $189.00
7.) Barn Light Radial Wave Shade: $174.00
8.) Farm & Barn All Weather Warehouse Large Streamlined Wall Mount: $24.99
9.) Farm & Barn All Weather Warehouse Wall Mount Light: $34.85
10.) Warehouse Barn Light Deep Bowl Shade: $188.00

It was a vintage gooseneck light that sparked the beginning of Barn Light Electric. Today, we would like to present a collection of classic RLM fixtures that can be brought into your home – all for under $200.00!

Popular uses for these types of fixtures can be found indoors and out. Traditionally they were used in agricultural areas such as barns or farmhouses, but today they can be found around garages, restaurants, store fronts, machine sheds, and now, your home! Don’t limit gooseneck lighting to only the exterior of your home. Many of our popular shade styles are available in smaller sizes, allowing you to use them in the bathroom, above the kitchen sink, or to highlight family photos above the fireplace.

Gooseneck arms hold the shade away from the wall or building. Whichever shade size you select, these arms allow the shade to extend out, and cast a larger, wide span of light as opposed to wall sconces. Which style gooseneck arm will fit you or your space the best? That’s for you to decide – in fact, the majority of our Gooseneck Barn Lighting category is available in almost 40 sizes and styles. At Barn Light Electric, you have control of all the features – colors, sizes, shade styles, and cost! We offer both American-made and internationally manufactured shades that can fit into any budget. The possibilities you can create are nearly endless, and that is why so many customers keep coming back to us for all their lighting needs!

Note: All prices are subject to vary depending on finish choices,
Gooseneck arms, and selected features.

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  1. Kevin jones

    can you send me more info on the Classic Farm & Yard light? I cant seem to find the page that has the info.

  2. Betty

    Hi Kevin — you can find our Farm & Barn lights at this link — http://www.barnlightelectric.com/discount-lighting/outdoor-farm-lights/. And if you have any questions, please feel free to email our sales team at sales@barnlightelectric.com or give them a call at 800-407-8784. Thanks for stopping by!

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