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Yellow Shade- This product is made-to-order and typically ships within 7-10 business days. Manufacturing times may vary depending on order and volume. 


Green Shade- This icon means that your product is typically in stock and will ship within 4-7 business days.        


Red Shade- This icon represents commercial, custom, or ballasted lighting fixtures. Because we offer customizable features, products can take 2-4 weeks to manufacture.      


Black Box- This is our Easy Return box! This means you can return your product free of a restocking charge.           


Red Box- Unfortunately, this icon means we cannot accept returns on this product.                                                      


USA Shade- This Barn Light Electric Exclusive Product is handcrafted here on Florida's Space Coast.    


USA Star- This icon means that this product was manufactured in the USA.


Globe- This item is internationally sourced.


CSA- CSA Listed to meet recognized standards in the USA and Canada.                            


CE- CE Listed to meet recognized European Standards.    


UL- UL Listed to meet recognized standards in the USA and Canada.            


Wet Location- Wet Location Rated. Use this product in any location indoors or outdoors.        


Dry Location- Dry Location Rated. Use this product in indoor areas containing no moisture.             


Damp Location- Damp Location Rated. Use this product in indoor or outdoor areas normally subject to moisture, but covered and protected from the elements.  



Backing Plate – A circular metal plate used to mount a gooseneck light to a wall. Also referred to as Wall Bracket or Mounting Bracket.


Cast Guard Unit (CGG) - A metal guard surrounding the jelly jar glass made a heavy, thicker metal frame than a wire guard. Blog Article


Ceiling Canopy – A decorative plate, typically circular in shape, that covers the electrical box for ceiling hung fixtures. Canopy options may include Cord Hung Canopies,  Stem Mount Canopies, and Hang Straight Canopies.


Cloth Cord - Nostalgic and period appropriate cloth cord that is used to hang some Barn Light Electric Co.® pendants. This style of cord is found within the Cloth Cord Pendants or Vintage Industrial Lights sub categories. Cloth cord is for interior use only.


Commercial Lighting – Lighting that has been designed for industrial or commercial use within businesses, restaurants, warehouses, or factories.


Compact Fluorescent (CFL) – A long lasting, energy saving alternative to standard incandescent light bulbs. Medium base screw in CFL's can be utilized with our standard incandescent fixtures. Some fixtures can be specified with the CFL socket and ballast and utilize the 4-pin CFL base.


Cord Hung – A pendant mounting option using cord to hang a fixture from the ceiling, allowing on-site customization of fixture height. Cord hung pendants are for use indoors only, unless using exterior rated cord.


CSA Listed – CSA certification indicates a product complies with national and international standards. Products are labeled as CSA certified with the CSA mark; only products that have been certified by the CSA are allowed to carry the mark. These fixtures are OSHA approved as well.


Damp Location – Lighting that can be used outdoors, but cannot be put in direct contact with weather elements (rain, snow, sleet, etc). An example of a damp location would be a covered porch.


Discount Barn Lighting – A collection of both imported and American made lighting that is offered at a discounted price. Finishes and shade sizes are limited.


Exterior Rated - Lighting that is safe to use outside in all normal weather conditions.


Exterior Rated Cord - Vinyl wrapped cord used in pendant lighting that is exterior rated. Exterior Rated Cord can be used outside in a damp location. Also refer to Damp Location.


Galvanized - A zinc coating used to protect raw steel from corroding.


Gooseneck Arm – A straight, curved or bent metal arm that extends a shade away from the wall.


Hang Straight Canopy - A ceiling mount with pivot that is used to level a stem mount pendant hanging from a sloped ceiling. Also refer to Ceiling Canopy.


High Bay – Interior lighting ideal for mounting in high ceiling areas. Common uses for High Bay lighting include: industrial manufacturing areas, warehouses or gymnasiums.


Interior Rated - Lighting that should be used indoors only in dry locations. Interior rated light fixtures are not rated to use outdoors.


Jelly Jar – A glass jar that screws into the light fixture over the light bulb. Serves as both protection of the light bulb and decorative purposes. View Blog Article


Mounting Bracket – A circular metal plate used to mount a gooseneck light to a wall. Also referred to as Wall Bracket or Backing Plate.


Nostalgic Edison Light Bulb – Reproduction light bulb shapes and styles that were commonly used within the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Unlike most of today’s Standard Incandescent bulbs, Nostalgic Edison Light Bulbs have a clear glass bulb that shows  the inner filaments making them a desired light bulb choice for restoration projects, museums and displays. 


Pendant – A downward hanging light fixture fixed to a flat or sloped ceiling.


Porcelain Enamel Finish – Under extreme heat, a highly durable glass coating fused to a steel shade.


Post Mount - A lighting fixture mounted on a post. Post Mount lights are exterior rated for outdoor use.


Powder Coat Finish – A spray on powder finish that is used for coating metal. Powder coating creates a smooth, hard finish that is more durable and longer lasting than conventional paint.


RLM Lighting – A common acronym for Reflector Luminaire Manufacturer or Reflector and Lamp Manufacturers. RLM Lights are designed to project light downward without allowing any light to reflect upward. This shielded style of lighting is often times Dark Sky Compliant. Blog Article


Socket – The part of the light fixture that holds the light bulb and provides electrical contact.


Standard Incandescent – The standard style, also known as "A" shape, light bulbs used in most residential light fixtures.


Stem Mount - A pendant mounting option using a metal pipe to hang a light fixture from the ceiling. A stem mount fixture can be used indoors or outdoors.


Trade Discounts - Discounts given to American lighting professionals, interior designers, architects and contractors. Customers must fill out the Trade Discount form to be eligible to receive discounts.


UL Listed – UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is an independent product safety certification organization and is one of several companies approved for testing by OSHA. UL Listed products have been evaluated to make sure they meet their safety standards prior to production. If approved, products receive a UL certification.


Vintage Barn Lights – A style of lighting produced before the 1960’s, typically having a porcelain enamel finish. Common manufacturers include Benjamin, Crouse-Hinds, Appleton, and the Miller Company. Also refer to Porcelain Enamel Finish.


Wall Bracket – A circular metal plate used to mount a gooseneck light to a wall. Also referred to as Backing Plate or Mounting Bracket.


Wattage - A measure of electrical power expressed in watts.


Wire Cage - A thin, metal wire cage that attaches to the rim of a shade. Wire cages add protection to the inner light bulb, serve as a decorative feature and are easy to install.


Wire Guard Unit (WGG) - A wire guard surrounding the jelly jar glass made from a thin, wire construction that is very light weight and easy to install. Blog Article


Vapor Tight – Light fixtures that have been engineered to protect the interior wiring from the deteriorating effects of ice, moisture, and corrosive fumes or vapors.