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Kao Primary Schoolhouse Flush Mount Light

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Bringing together the vintage look of schoolhouse lighting and ceramic porcelain mountings, the Kao Primary Schoolhouse Flush Mount gives any room a stylish new aesthetic. With its light slightly dampened by the opaque shade or shining brightly through the clear option, schoolhouse lighting creates a warm atmosphere in living rooms and bedrooms.

Hanging from a flush mounting, schoolhouse shades can now illuminate almost any area of your home or business, even undersized spaces! With its easy-to-clean surface and classic design, the ceramic flush mounting harkens back to historic Alabax lighting fixtures, letting modern spaces show off the timeless styles of vintage lighting. Customize this flush mount lighting with a vivid finish color or heighten the vintage style by adding hand-painted stripes to the schoolhouse shade!

  • Features customizable schoolhouse glass, available in two sizes
  • Fitter constructed from durable porcelain ceramic
  • White painted band(s) not recommended if opaque glass is selected, as it blends into the glass. 
  • The single band style has a silver border outlining the chosen finish.
  • This product is made-to-order, learn more about the process here!
  • Read more about the Kao Primary Schoolhouse Flush Mount Light over on our blog!

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We wanted to add a subtle pop of color to our kitchen while sticking with a sort of vintage theme. Our pop is our jadeite collection so the Kao Schoolhouse Flushmount with white finish and two bands of jadeite was a no-brainer. We have two lights close together (one over the sink, one in the middle of the room) so we decided to get one of each so they are very similar but a tad different. It looks so great. Best investment we made in the kitchen. We are sure to point out to everyone that they are made in the US - we are very proud of that. Thanks for being so great, Barn Light. We'll be back for our next project!
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