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Quick Ship | Wire Cages
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Used to protect lightbulbs from flying debris and other hazards faced as industrial lighting, wire cages were once prominent throughout the early 20th century. The classic look of wire cages remains popular today. It offers a chance to give modern spaces a touch of vintage style. The industrial edge also suits contemporary designs.

Available in five sizes, you can add a wire cage to almost any warehouse shade, giving it an instant retro makeover. As a Quick Ship item, this customization option is usually mailed in the days immediately following your order.

  • 10" Wire Cage: W 10 ¼" x H 2.90"
  • 12" Wire Cage: W 12 ¼" x H 3.40"
  • 13" Wire Cage: W 13 ¼" x H 2.82"
  • 16" Wire Cage: W 16 ¼" x H 3.57"
  • 17" Wire Cage: W 17 ¼" x H 3.82"

[100] Black
[200] White
Dark Green
[300] Dark Green
[975] Galvanized

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