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Vintage Industrial Pendants Renew Old World Charm in Tel Aviv

Lying on the Israeli Mediterranean coastline, Tel Aviv is a city of contrasts. Known as the city that never sleeps, Tel Aviv residents enjoy a vibrant, cosmopolitan lifestyle with a bustling business center, active arts scene, and highly diverse nightlife offerings. Yet, this city is also steeped in history. It has changed hands, and names, many times over thousands of years beginning from the earliest days of the Bible. Tel Aviv is now a popular international tourist destination not only for its 24 hour culture but for its amazing variety of culinary establishments such as this restaurant called Jaffa/Tel Aviv.

Israeli architects Baranowitz Kronenberg have created a shower of vintage industrial pendants hanging from the ceiling of the restaurant as a design element in itself. In keeping with the spirit of the kitchen, overseen by Israel’s celebrity chef Haim Cohen, BK Architects kept the materials and finishes they used both simple and clean. These pendants are very similar to Barn Light Electric’s Opti Pendant, a deep bowl shade that can bring a vintage look to your commercial venue or home without breaking the budget.

The Opti Pendant comes in a 12 inch or 16 inch size and can be cord hung, stem mounted, or even flush mounted if your space requires such. There are several lens options to choose from including a conical lens, a flat lens, or a drop lens. If you like the bright white finish of these lights, we offer that along with a host of other colors. Metallic finishes give your American made fixture a more classic, industrial feel.

Want another style to help you get this look? The Barn Light Max Pendant is a deep bowl pendant that features openings in the neck to allow soft light to filter out above the bowl and give off a pleasant glow. It too has many size and finish options available so you can change the look of the fixture to create a truly unique light for your space.

Top Photos Courtesy of Amit Geron


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