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Repurposed Warehouse Shades Find New Life in Australian Retreat

While we knew that RLM warehouse shades were all the rage in the United States during the 1930s and 40s in factories and warehouses, apparently they were quite popular Down Under too. Our friends at the Red Brick Barn, a rustic, two-story retreat in central Victoria, found some vintage warehouse shades at a local flea market and repurposed them for use in the communal dining room. The shades were green enamel when found at the flea market but were spray painted an off-white color leaving a hint of green showing at the rim as an accent.


These shades are much like our Bomber Pendant Light, a classic light with loads of options so you can create a truly unique light for your own home or business. This American-made pendant comes in four popular shade sizes and more than two dozen durable powder coat finish colors ranging from traditional hues of Black and Galvanized to brighter, trendier shades like Barn Red and Royal Blue. Choose a standard cord or dress up your fixture with a colored cotton twist cord that adds even more flair to the overall look.


If you’re looking for a hint of vintage flavor for your Bomber, consider adding a wire cage or cast guard and glass which are also customizable with color. In commercial lighting venues, these options give added protection to the bulb in high-traffic areas. To create a familial look to your commercial lighting plan, consider the other members of the Bomber family — the Bomber Gooseneck Light, the Bomber Stem Mount Light, the Bomber Wall Sconce, and more!

And now you can enjoy all of the vintage character of our RLM-inspired warehouse shades plus the energy-efficient and environmentally friendly aspects of LED lighting with our Barn Lighting LED collection. The Bomber LED Pendant Light is one of our many favorites that now offer an LED option!

Top photo courtesy of Red Brick Barn

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