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Introducing Our Newest Line of Lights – Vintage Inspired Lighting

The demand for vintage, nostalgic lighting has been growing as of late. Here at Barn Light Electric we have been working on offering a high quality product, which has led us to the creation of our latest line of lights. Under our Vintage Inspired Lighting category you will find room specific lighting that represents the best designs based on the Colonial, Victorian, Art Deco, and Modern eras. This genre specific product line allows your individual needs to be met with the numerous finish options and light configurations.

One product that has already become one of the most popular lights of this section is The Magnolia Sconce, which is available in a number of finishes in addition to having five shade options as well. The Magnolia’s timeless design is reminiscent of early 20th century lighting, when function was as important as the aesthetics of the light. Give the walls of your house a touch of character with this modern throw back.


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