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60" White Moisture-Proof Equine Barn Ceiling Fan

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This industrial ceiling fan is perfect for any rustic or rugged setting. Add the White Moisture-Proof Equine Barn Ceiling Fan to factories, barns, workshops and stables. This heavy duty ceiling fan is built to last, capable of being installed in wet areas and able to withstand a variety of extreme temperatures. Made from high quality aluminum, this industrial ceiling fan spreads the air and cools down any sized space.

  • Platinum Line Fan, Severe Service Agrifan 3 Year Warranty: Barn/Agricultural Applications
  • 5 Year Warranty: Non Agricultural Applications
  • Blade Sweep: 60 Inches - Down Blowing 
  • Wiring: 16" Cord With Bulit In Strain Relief, Moisture Proof 3 Prong Plug
  • Motor: Enclosed-Heavy-duty, PSC, Resistance Protection, Thermo Protected
  • Capacitor: 9.5 MF Extra-Heavy-duty, Non-polar, Weatherproof, Encapsulated
  • Bearings: Sealed, Chrome Steel, Heat Resistant
  • Amps/Volts/Watts: .71A/120V/86W
  • Leadwire: 24" Total
  • Imported Fan

Air Delivery
43,500 CFM
Area Coverage
2400 Sq. Ft., RPM: 330
Blade Sweep
60 Inches - Down Blowing
CSA Listed
Yes (Wet Location)
1" Diameter (3/4" Inside Diameter), Neoprene Sealed
White - Electrostatic Epoxy, Corrosion Resistant
Cast Iron Motor Housing & Yoke, Aluminum Blades
UL Listed
Yes (Wet Location)

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