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Industrial Fans

Need a way to cool down outdoor spaces or industrial settings? Carefully selected from manufacturers we trust, these powerful, high-velocity fans offer the size and speed required by large, open spaces. Scale back your venue’s cooling costs with an industrial ceiling fan!
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What are industrial fans?

Rugged manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other rustic settings require overhead fans to keep the air moving and cool down the space. Unlike residential and commercial locations, which need their fans to appear stylish, industrial ceiling fans are purely utilitarian in purpose and design.

Instead, these fans are built to withstand the conditions they may face in rugged settings. Metal blades and a heavy-duty housing for the motor give industrial shop fans their durability; many of these fans are also moisture-proof. Wire cages offer further protection for the blades without inhibiting the flow of air. Because industrial ceiling fans need to move air throughout voluminous buildings, they incorporate powerful high velocity motors into their designs.


Industrial ceiling fans are frequently installed in:

  • Factories
  • Barns and agricultural settings
  • Large workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Large outdoor pavilions