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Equally prioritizing functionality and style, the Wilcox Uplight is a key addition to residential and commercial décors. By separating its shade from its neck with slender metal arms, the Wilcox becomes a striking source of up and down lighting, helping homes and businesses appear bright and inviting.

We've given the Wilcox a slight redesign, providing a stylish new addition to our line of traditional warehouse lighting. Slightly separating the RLM Shade...

Reflecting the utilitarian detail found in classic industrial factory pendant lights, the Wilcox Uplight Stem Mount Pendant features our hand-spun, deep...

A classic industrial swag lamp hand-crafted to reflect hanging warehouse fixtures that were popular in the Industrial Age. The Wilcox Uplight features our...

Custom industrial wall light solutions with the Wilcox Uplight Gooseneck! This hand-crafted warehouse light features our deep bowl shade mounted to a...

Wood and metal each possess their own unique properties and decorative characteristics. By incorporating both, the Wilcox Pendant offers an elevated...