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A partnership between industrial lighting and modern LED technology, the Touchdown was engineered for expansive commercial facilities. Capable of emitting extremely bright, high-lumen lighting, the Touchdown ensures every space can appear welcoming and properly illuminated
Thanks to its innovative design and expert construction, the Touchdown is integral in expansive, open commercial facilities. As a powerful yet efficient...

With industrial flourishes and high-performance technology, the Touchdown is a groundbreaking source of general illumination. Integrated LED components...

The Touchdown transforms open commercial facilities into bright, inviting spaces with its powerful illumination. Advanced LEDs are integrated directly into...

Dependability and performance are fully on display in the Touchdown’s contemporary design. As a powerful source of primary lighting, this fixture relies...

Engineered to prioritize efficiency and longevity, the Touchdown embraces powerful LED technology and high-quality materials. The fixture's LED components...