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Goodrich® Aero Porcelain LED Gooseneck Light
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Goodrich Lighting Equipment

We've revived the art of porcelain enamel lighting and combined it with the very best of LED technology! The sleek styling of the Goodrich® Aero Porcelain Gooseneck Light brings a modern vibe to any space and. With the LED option, you can save both time and money with the energy efficient, environmentally friendly aspects of LED lighting.

Gooseneck LED lights possess the ruggedness of barn lighting, while remaining stylish enough to add to your home. For commercial lighting venues, the durability of the porcelain enamel finish on this gooseneck barn light plus the savings of LEDs offers the best of both worlds. Porcelain enamel is incredibly durable, requiring minimal maintenance, while the LED module offers warm, bright light comparable to incandescent lighting.

View available IES Files here.

Shade Sizes:

12" Shade: 12" W x 6 ¼"
14" Shade: 14" W x 7"
16" Shade: 16" W x 7 ¾"

Product Details:

  • Finish: Multiple (See Finish Options)
  • Mounting: Multiple (See Gooseneck Options)
  • Backplate Dimensions: 2 ¼" Proj. x 6 ½" Dia.
  • Number of Sockets: 1
  • Use: CSA Listed for Wet Locations
  • Lead Time: 7-14 Business Days (Not Applicable to Commercial Orders)
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A. This light fixture is made-to-order to suit your custom specifications. Learn more about the process here.
  • Due to the hand spun and hand applied porcelain enamel process, slight blemishes and character are common.
  • No Returns Accepted On This Product

Please Note: No metal fixture, no matter the finish, is guaranteed against corrosion especially in salt air environments. If your fixtures will be installed in a location near salt water or with extreme weather conditions, we recommend routine and careful maintenance of your lighting including a mild soap-and-water wash and gentle buffing to help maintain the finish.

Additional LED Product Details:

  • LED Driver: Triac Dimming 12W / 120V Mounted In Canopy 
  • LED Dimming Option: 850 & 1250 Lumens - up to 5% dimming | 2000, 3000 & 4000 Lumens - reliant on 0-10V dimmer, generally up to 10% dimming. Requires compatible dimming switch.
  • LED Efficiency: Delivers over 95 Lumens Per Watt
  • LED Lumen(LM) Comparison: 850LM Compares to 60W INC. Bulb; 1250LM Compares to 75W INC. Bulb; 2000LM Compares to 150W INC. Bulb; 3000LM Compares to 200W INC. Bulb; 4000LM Compares to 250W INC. Bulb
  • LED Color Temperature: Cree’s 2-Step EasyWhite® Technology ensures excellent color consistency, with your choice of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K. - 80 CRI Minimum
  • LED Warranty: 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Due to the nature of porcelain and the way it must be applied, some tiny flaws are inevitable.
Please note these will not affect the quality or longevity of use.
Some products may not be available in all colors.

Porcelain Barn Light

Goodrich® Aero Porcelain LED Gooseneck Light (SPS-0112_-_Astro_and_Aero_Series_-_Rev_10.02.18.pdf, 275 Kb) [Download]

Porcelain Finishes (Porcelain_Finishes_-_Rev_09.25.18.pdf, 443 Kb) [Download]

LED Gooseneck Specifications (LED_Gooseneck_Specifications_-_Rev_10.25.18.pdf, 498 Kb) [Download]

Optional Wire Cage (Optional_Accessories_-_Rev_09.25.18.pdf, 255 Kb) [Download]

We're using two gooseneck lights indoors to illuminate the edge of a kitchen island that juts out a bit from under the kitchen ceiling into a room with a vaulted ceiling. The lights look and work beautifully, and the chocolate brown porcelain shades are gorgeous. They are, of course, very, very pricey--but they're located in a visually important part of our house and thus the added expense was worth it. We had an issue leveling the lights/shades themselves as the vertical wall we attached them to apparently wasn't perfectly level (ughhhh). We choose not to "bend" the goosenecks for fear of breaking/denting them permanently. Instead, we loosed some of the mounting screws a bit which had the effect of leveling off the lights. We could do that because the lights were indoors. That wouldn't work outdoors.
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