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Get an elevated aesthetic without breaking the bank! Featuring many of our most popular styles, our on-sale fixtures offer various unique styles at reduced prices—RLM warehouse shades, nautical and barn lights, and more! These lights allow for renovations and makeovers, even with restrictive budgets!
LED Edison T14 Bulb Save discount 29%
The Mr. Clarke Clock, Small, Pale Wood Case, Fine Marker Dial Save discount 50%
LED Edison T10 Bulb Save discount 31%
Primary Schoolhouse Sconce, 615-Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Large Clear Glass, CSGW-Gold & White Cloth Cord Save discount 30%
14" Wilcox, 100-Black with 995-Natural Raw Copper Interior, SBK-Standard Black Cord Save discount 30%
Primary Schoolhouse Sconce, 100-Black, Large Clear Glass Save discount 30%

Primary Schoolhouse Sconce in 100-Black

12" Wilcox Wall Sconce, 615-Oil-Rubbed Bronze Save discount 30%
14" Laramie Wall Sconce, 400-Barn Red Save discount 30%
Static Ring Double Vanity Light, 570-Sunflower, CLR-Clear Glass Save discount 30%
Downtown Minimalist Swing Arm Sconce, 615-Oil-Rubbed Bronze, G66 Gooseneck Arm (Bulb Not Included) Save discount 30%
14" Avalon Wall Sconce, 307-Emerald Green Save discount 30%
14" The Original™ Wall Sconce, 600-Bronze Save discount 30%
13" Bomber Pendant, Custom Black Porcelain Glitter, SBK-Standard Black Cord Save discount 30%
12" Aero Wall Sconce, 975-Galvanized Save discount 30%
Brass Knocker Alarm Clock, Matte Chocolate Black Save discount 51%
14" Laramie Wall Sconce, 200-White Save discount 30%

14" Laramie Wall Sconce in 200-White

11" Bomber Wall Sconce, 705-Navy Save discount 30%

11" Bomber Wall Sconce in 705-Navy

14" Sterling Wall Sconce, 105-Textured Black Save discount 30%
The Charlie Bell Alarm Clock, Burnished Steel Save discount 51%
12" Seaside Studio Pendant, 550-Porcelain Yellow, CSBG-Black & Gold Cloth Cord Save discount 30%

12" Seaside Studio Pendant in 550-Porcelain Yellow