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New Hit Television Show - School Pride

September 22, 2010 – On Friday’s episode of NBC’s School Pride titled: “Follow the Teachers,” Brent Levin and other young teachers from Teach America joined volunteers from across the country to renovate Lanier Elementary School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The campus was in desperate need of an extreme renovation. Together, they assembled volunteers, students and teachers to repair damaged floors, a gymnasium without air conditioning, outdated computer labs, a decomposing playground, and numerous classrooms. Lanier is just one example of many schools in America that is in need of a helping hand.

One of the areas where Lanier’s campus needed some special attention was the teacher’s lounge. So, when asked, Barn Light Electric Co.® was more than happy to make a lighting donation. The Schoolhouse Pendants shown in the renovated teachers lounge represent vintage schoolhouse and library lighting styles found around the 1940’s and 50’s. Paired with dark wood cabinetry and warm colors on the wall, these vintage inspired pendants help provide teachers with a much needed relaxing break room.

Teacher Brent Levin was thankful for a lounge that offered a place congregate in a fun and functional room, while Principal, William Crowe said he could hardly recognize the lounge after the renovation. “Walking into the teacher’s lounge today, I didn’t think I was still on this campus. It’s beautiful and the teachers deserve it.”

Sometimes teachers spend more time preparing lessons and grading papers in their teacher’s lounge than they do at their own homes. Barn Light Electric Co.® wanted to give a place for the teachers, where they can feel like someone is taking care of them too - enjoy your teacher’s lounge Lanier Elementary!

School Pride set.