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Small Town Business Creates Unique Products in One-of-a-Kind Porcelain Oven

TITUSVILLE, Fla. (August 23, 2012)— Barn Light Electric embodies the true American spirit of pursuing a dream and turning a hobby into a thriving business. By accepting the challenges and overcoming the obstacles, Bryan and Donna Scott have revived a cherished manufacturing process and transported it into the 21st century with advancements to meet the demand for stylish, energy-efficient lighting.

Like many small businesses, Barn Light Electric began as a weekend hobby for owners Bryan and Donna Scott of Titusville, Florida. Having grown up in the shadow of the Kennedy Space Center in a time when American ingenuity and fortitude meant everything to this small community, the couple learned early on what hard work and imagination can do.

Four years later, Barn Light Electric has flourished into a multi-million dollar company creating porcelain enamel lighting in one of the only porcelain ovens in the Southeastern United States. These unique lighting fixtures are treasured not only for their hand-spun process and enduring porcelain finish but for being a true American-made innovation.

Beginning with a flat disc of commercial-grade steel, metal artisans spin this material onto a shade mold as the steel slowly forms around. While applying constant and intense pressure, the “spinning” of the shade reaches approximately 2,500 RPM until the desired shape is created. This craft is extremely difficult as the metal artisans use their strength to keep the shade spinning while the precise shape develops.

“A job like spinning shades requires complete focus. It takes a certain type of person to do what these workers do on a daily basis,” says Johnny Bragg, General Manager of Manufacturing.  “Shade spinning is an art form and not everyone can master the skill and technique needed to produce a quality product.”

Once this vigorous process is completed, the porcelain enamel shades are moved to the porcelain factory where skilled workers hand-apply multiple layers of porcelain enamel glass. After the porcelain is applied, these shades are transported to the 1600-degree oven where the baking process seals the high-gloss finish and guarantees a quality product to be delivered to consumers.

“The great thing about the people here at Barn Light Electric is that they all like their jobs. They want to work and are dedicated to putting out a perfect product every day,” says Bragg.

Barn Light Electric thrives on American-made values and instills pride in its local community by continuing to provide jobs for families and neighbors while strengthening the foundation of what it really means to be “Made in the U.S.A.”

Traits like these make Barn Light Electric a rare entity in today’s small business world. As for Bryan and Donna Scott, they will continue to keep the dream alive for local businesses everywhere. Anything is possible, even when you start off in a garage.