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Embracing the one-of-a-kind aesthetic and durability provided solely by porcelain and copper, our made-to-order cups and tumblers are fully customizable to your individual tastes! Several colorful patterns and vibrant finishes help our cups steal attention on dining room tables and in kitchen cabinets!
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Embracing a playful aesthetic, this 8 oz. cup is sure to become a favorite in both residential and commercial settings. The festive “dipped” design imparts...

The secret to this tumbler’s unique aesthetic and durable design is porcelain enamel. Hand-crafted and American-made, this tumbler is constructed from...

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A perfectly handcrafted porcelain enamel cup, this dinnerware option features an heirloom-quality design. Durable and long-lasting, this cup is meticulously...

Meticulously constructed and indescribably stylish, this mid-sized tumbler is a functional yet decorative kitchen accessory. To create a durable design,...

High-quality construction with a timeless style, this tumbler is an ideal addition to any kitchen! Comprised of commercial-grade metal and coated with...

Locally crafted by our own artisans, this eight ounce Moscow Mule Copper Cup is hand spun from raw copper to a beautiful sheen that radiates while keeping...

Size Options

To provide the perfect option for every meal, we manufacture three different sizes of porcelain cups.

  • 8 oz. Cups: Our smallest cups are the right size for orange juice in the morning or an after-work cocktail.
  • 12 oz. Tumblers: These porcelain tumblers are regularly included in lunch and dinner place settings.
  • 24 oz. Tumblers: Get up for refills less frequently with our largest porcelain tumbler.

Unique Styles

  • Dipped: Porcelain cups and tumblers are offered with two unique dipped patterns. The medium tumbler features a straight dip while the smaller cup incorporates a playfully slanted stripe of color.
  • Graniteware: The classic graniteware pattern gives our cups an evocative, timeless appearance.
  • Solid Color: With its vivid splash of a single color, this finish provides a simple, straightforward aesthetic. Various finish colors are available, helping our cups fit in with any kitchen’s décor.
  • Elegant Copper: Solid copper gives our smaller cups a luxe, sophisticated style. Our copper cups are only available in the small 8 oz. size.

Meticulous Construction

Like every piece of dinnerware we produce, our copper and porcelain cups are fully manufactured by hand. Beginning with a flat piece of metal — either copper or steel — the cups are spun at a high speed and diligently manipulated around a mold until it assumes the desired shape. At this point, the construction of our copper cups is complete.

However, there’s an additional step for our enamel cups. After they’re spun, the steel cups and tumblers are coated with multiple layers of our signature porcelain finish and baked in a high-temperature oven to bond the two materials together.