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Equally stylish and practical, our bakeware is imbued with the vibrancy and durability offered exclusively by porcelain enamel! Our porcelain bakeware starts with commercial grade metal, providing each piece with a long lasting and dependable structure. Vivid patterns and colorful porcelain provides our bakeware with a truly unique look! Read More »

Enamelware Pie Plate


Enamel Graniteware Pie Plate


What makes BLE’s porcelain enamel bakeware special?

Our hand-crafted bakeware partners the integrity of solid steel with porcelain’s myriad benefits. To create this collection, flat pieces of steel are spun at a high speed and skillfully worked around a mold until the bakeware's familiar shape emerges. This attentive process ensures every piece of bakeware we produce is imbued with an appreciable attention to detail and sense of quality.

The raw steel is then coated with porcelain enamel — a material celebrated for its resilience and unique lustrous properties. Finally, the now porcelain-coated steel bakeware is sent through a high-temperature oven, completing the manufacturing process.

What looks and styles are available in this collection?

Several available patterns emphasize porcelain’s innate vibrancy and stunning ability to convey color. Reintroducing a nostalgic style to contemporary kitchens, the Graniteware Pattern tops vivid colors with black or white speckles. To accentuate porcelain’s glossy appearance, the Solid Finish features a single splash of color and is completed with a black rim. The Special Edition Pie Plate’s milky white finish and cobalt rim demonstrate an iconic throwback look.

The different color options are what ultimately dictates a pattern’s overall feel. Brighter colors give the bakeware a lively contemporary look while the darker hues appear more formal and sophisticated.

What are some benefits of enamel bakeware?

Porcelain enamelware’s non-stick surface is durable and easily-cleaned. Because steel is intrinsically stronger than most other metals used for bakeware, it establishes a sturdier, more reliable design.

What else should I know about BLE’s porcelain bakeware?

While the porcelain finish is incredibly durable, our bakeware shouldn’t be used at extremely high temperatures for extended periods of time. Enamelware is oven-safe up to 450ᵒ F/232ᵒ C, which accommodates nearly every recipe’s requirements. Because our bakeware consists of solid steel, these pieces are not suitable for use in microwaves. Our bakeware has passed third party testing for food safety. To protect the porcelain finish, we recommend using silicone utensils whenever possible.