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Beautifully designed, efficient, and sustainable: Tala’s LED light bulbs are the perfect addition to our timeless lighting styles! When equipped with these indescribably fashionable bulbs, our fixtures take on an elevated new appearance. With their unmatched efficiency, these LED bulbs are budget and environmentally friendly!

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With its imaginative rugged profile, the Lang displays influences from the styles that developed throughout the Machine Age. This era, which serves as...

Contemporary stylists regularly favor a stripped-down look, embracing minimalism in their designs. In terms of lighting this often means removing shades and...

Influenced by authentic 20th-century designs, the Sinclair follows a simple industrial look that appeals to traditional spaces and contemporary décors. The...

The Kao Flush Mount Light's design was first developed in the 1950s. Despite these vintage origins, its casual appearance and creative lines complement...

With its pared-down aesthetic, the Retro Basic embraces a straightforward rugged style. Featuring a look popular in urban lofts, contemporary businesses,...

Clean and simple retro style has never been so beautiful! The Downtown Minimalist Sconce features a single socket mounted to slender, sloped arm that is...

With simplicity at the heart of its design, the Downtown Swing Arm Sconce demonstrates the aesthetic versatility sought in many contemporary spaces. Its...

Representative of the latest trends, the Downtown Pendant offers the preferences and styles coveted by many contemporary designers and homeowners. A single...

Inspired by Pass & Seymour’s Alabax lighting fixtures, the Kao Wall Sconce provides a one-of-a-kind aesthetic to any setting! While initially popular in...

Although the Downtown Adjustable Sconce contributes fashionable, inviting decors, it also fulfills a utilitarian function. Fitted to the walls of living...

A modern rendition of historic bare-bulb lighting, the Minimalist Raw Brass Pendant incorporates the look of brass into its stripped-down aesthetic. In...

A minimalist look with maximum style, the Conoco embraces sleek, vintage industrial influences into its design. Evocative of the fixtures once found in...

Who is Tala?

As a leading innovator in the light bulb industry, Tala’s unique designs have won worldwide acclaim from professional designers and architects, publications, and home and business owners. Their bulbs adopt striking contemporary styles and incorporate cutting-edge technology, expressing the modern mindset that bulbs should be both beautiful and functional.

What makes Tala’s light bulbs unique?

Tala is committed to reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere. To accomplish this goal, every Tala bulb is outfitted with sustainable LED technology. By converting electricity into illumination with unparalleled efficiency, these components significantly scale down a venue’s energy demands, lessening a building’s environmental impact and lowering its power costs.

However, instead of appearing plain and utilitarian like other practical options, Tala’s LED light bulbs are dramatic, sophisticated, and timeless. Inspired by natural materials, their sculpted bulbs are imbued with a contemporary sense of sophistication and an arresting visual flair. Their traditional bulbs embrace vintage styles while other bulbs communicate clean modern lines. These bulbs can occupy a prominent position within residential and commercial décors, both as accent pieces and main focal points, no matter what style they embrace. Demonstrative of their commitment to quality, many of Tala’s bulbs are mouth-blown, reinforcing their stylish designs with meticulous craftsmanship.

Why are you excited to partner with Tala?

Tala’s values overlap with our own. Much like Tala’s bulbs, our lights celebrate design while offering the durability only possible with high-quality materials and a diligent, hands-on manufacturing process. When equipped with a light bulb from Tala, our lights present a brand-new aesthetic!