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For a more formal look to your lighting, stem mount pendants pair classic styling with a sturdy mounting. Many of these pendants are wet-rated for use indoors or out and are especially suitable for high-traffic, commercial venues. With an array of finish colors and customizing options to choose from, stem mount lighting elevates the look of any space. Read More »
Functional and stylish, this schoolhouse pendant suspends a glass globe from a sturdy stem mounting. Appealing to both vintage-inspired spaces and modern...

Originating in farms and factories in the 1930s and 40s, The Original™ offers the traditional look of warehouse shades to contemporary homes and businesses....

Inspired by vintage lighting, the Wilcox feels right at home in many of today’s most popular styles: modern farmhouse, vintage industrial, coastal and...

Developed with timelessness in mind, the Avalon brings a modern sensibility to the classic look of RLM warehouse shades.  As an American made lighting...

Replicating classic lighting styles for modern settings, the Dino features a durable design and timeless appearance. This combination of high-quality...

Industrial pendant lighting now has a more modern feel! The Cherokee Uplight Stem Mount Pendant takes the styles of vintage lighting while still appearing...

Thanks to its sturdy stem mounting, the Union can deliver a classic style to interior and exterior locations. The Union features a tall, stacked neck design...

Amassing various influences into a single fixture, the Original™ Stem Mount Pendant transports the styles of the early 20th century to modern spaces. And...

Complementing a wide variety of décor sensibilities, the Dino fits multiple hand-crafted RLM shades to a sturdy stem mounting. The three shades spread...

Our Bomber Stem Mount Pendant carries on the tradition of RLM lighting for contemporary settings. The Bomber's shade presents a simple curved design and...

This utilitarian ceiling light is loaded with industrial detailing from the sturdy stem mounting down to the wire cage and cast guard. American made from...

With its shallow fluted shade, this stem mounted pendant resembles the gas station lights of the early 20th century. Despite its classic influences, the...

First developed for a wide light spread, the Dominion’s timeless RLM style remains relevant to modern décors. This design incorporates a flared shallow bowl...

Contemporary homes and businesses often embrace clean, streamlined décors, and this pendant light exemplifies this modern approach to design. The...

Discovering an imaginative new purpose for an agricultural staple, this pendant functions as a truly unique focal point in residential and commercial...

A more formal option for pendant lighting, the Sinclair encloses its wires behind a sturdy metal stem. By centering its look on this mounting and a...

Intended for residential and commercial lighting applications, the Marathon combines a sleek modern warehouse shade and a sturdy stem mounting. A team of...

Traditional yet contemporary, the Laramie’s eye-catching design embraces the hallmarks of the classic farmhouse style. The fixture’s rounded shade is...

With a foundation in the industrial lighting of the early 20th century, the Sydney Stem Mount Pendant updates a classic look. This pendant lighting...

A classic lighting design, the Fargo Stem and Loop Pendant offers the formal appearance of a stem mounting with the flexibility and casualness of cord hung...

This industrial factory light showcases our Barn Light Original™ warehouse shades. Inspired by vintage gas station lights, these warehouse shades have small...

Rugged, eye-catching, and timeless: The Industrial Guard Stem Mount Pendant Light contributes character and illumination to any space — indoors and out....

Throughout the 1960s and 70s, a new style grew out of New York’s SoHo District — a region defined by its cast-iron architectural flourishes. This developing...

Bringing nautical and retro styles together, the stunning Merger 2-Light Chandelier supplies an industrial vibe anywhere it's installed. By turning to...

What is Stem Mount Lighting?

Serving both functional and aesthetic purposes, stem mount lighting is integral to establishing a coherent décor throughout a property. With a protective stem mounting, many of the lights found in this collection are suitable for interior and exterior installation. Tucked away behind the sturdy stem, the fixture’s wiring and electrical components are completely shielded from the weather. This lets covered porches and breezeways embrace the same style as the interior spaces, bringing harmony to a property’s aesthetic.

What styles are available as stem mount lighting?

Because stem mount lights are incredibly versatile, they’re available with a wide range of styles complementing nearly every popular décor style.

  • Timeless RLM shades ground both modern and traditional décors with their classic style.
  • Capable of appearing either playful or formal, trendy schoolhouse lights are increasingly prominent in homes and businesses.
  • Guard-and-glass fixtures and wire cages create contemporary industrial décors.

What makes Barn Light Electric’s Stem Mount Pendants unique?

Barn Light Electric’s stem mount collection reproduces the high-quality construction of historic lighting companies. Motivated by their commitment to craftsmanship, our RLM shades are built entirely by hand, incorporating high-quality materials. By working with our hands, we’re able to ingrain our shades with a heightened sense of durability.

Other styles of stem lights uphold these principles. Made-to-order schoolhouse shades can embrace extra hints of color with hand-painted stripes. Industrial and nautical pendants are also made by hand and take on a variety of looks with different hand-applied finishes.

Where are Stem Mount Lights usually installed?

Many stem mount pendants are rated for wet-locations, areas with direct exposure to water, while others are restricted to damp or dry-rated settings. Common spaces that feature stem mount fixtures include:

  • Covered front and back porches
  • Breezeways and covered walkways
  • Large commercial venues, like supermarkets and department stores
  • In kitchens above islands or tables
  • Above the bar in restaurants and breweries