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Primary Schoolhouse Semi-Flush Mount Light

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From formal and sophisticated to casual and modern, our Primary Schoolhouse Light can take on any number of personalities. Incorporating a glass globe shade and semi-flush mounting, this fixture demonstrates a timeless style circa the early 20th century. The Primary's mounting takes up less room than traditional pendant lights, making it the right fit for areas with low ceilings.

Choose from a clear or opaque globe — small or large — for your schoolhouse pendant and consider optional hand-painted stripes for an elevated character. Finished in powder coat or embracing natural metals, this schoolhouse pendant can become the highlight of any space.

  • Features a customizable glass schoolhouse globe with hand-spun fitter.
  • Made-to-order, learn more about the process here.
  • White painted band(s) not recommended if Opaque Glass is selected, as it blends into the glass.
  • The single band style has a silver border outlining the chosen finish.
  • See how a South Carolina vintage inspired cafe added the Primary Schoolhouse Semi-Flush Mount Light to their design on our blog!

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intermediate school house semi flush mount gets a 5 STAR from us! We bought two of these and one flush mount all with the red mount and stripe. They fit perfect in my new kitchen and the color RED you can never go wrong with!! We are super happy. Thanks *****!!!
Very clean, great look and plenty of light. Once installed it was better looking than I had imagined.
I ordered the 10" Intermediate Schoolhouse Semi-Flush Mount Light with Galvanized metal and a single stripe in Jadite. Excellent quality and fits the description and pictures within website. We installed this light in the kitchen of our Farmhouse style home. The kitchen has 3" tongue and groove ceiling painted white and the light fits perfectly with the room while illuminating the desired 14' x 14' area. Delighted with this purchase.
Our home is a farmhouse style and the kitchen ceiling is 3" tongue and grove painted white. I bought the 10" diameter Intermediate Schoolhouse Semi-Flush Light in Galvanized metal with Jadite color single stripe. The picture and description of light are accurate and lights up a 14' x 14' area. It's perfect for the our farmhouse style of the kitchen.
I do love this light. I'm happy with the quality and the color. I also appreciate that it's American made. It looks great in my 1924 kitchen.

Installation was uneventful until I got to the mounting screws. The angle of the canopy makes it really hard to screw them in with a screwdriver. I ended up pounding large enough holes in the wallboard so I could hand turn the screws. Once they're almost in you can kind of finish them off with a drill. Other than that, it was a cinch.

One aesthetic point: It's a shame the screws are tacky silver colored when everything else about the light is perfect. Even the screws that hold in the shade match the canopy. But the mounting screws are visible and super tacky, especially since I got the Barn Red color. Ideally the heads of the screws would be painted to match, or the design would be such that the screws are not visible once the light is installed. That is really the only flaw. Otherwise it's lovely and I may get another one.
I wish we could attach a photo we have 1940s bead board ceiling and we purchased the light to complement the restoration of the ceiling. Its a spot on perfect look! Very happy too bad company does not run a buy 2 get 1 free light
This light is beautiful and looks great in our hallway (the second option as it was too large in the kitchen over the sink). The light is very well constructed and comes with around 6ft of wire to connect to the junction box, so there is PLENTY to go around. The biggest problem we had was with installation. Our junction box was flush with the ceiling (per code) and the screws were so long the went through the junction box and stripped (they easily strip). We had a hard time getting the screws in with a conventional screwdriver, placement of the holes is over the bottom flare of the semiflush mount so you have to go in at a strange angle. This led to some scratching of the paint (fixed with a sharpie since we got the black). I ended up having success after buying shorter screws and rigging my ratchet to be a screwdriver.
First of all, the wait time for the delivery was longer than quoted, but, when I reached out via email, I received a very fast and helpful reply explaining the delay. Once it arrived, I was very happy with the construction and overall look of it. However, the deep and pretty Barn Red of the socket is not the same as the supposedly identically colored Barn Red bands. (The socket is a richer and nicer shade than the lighter red bands.) I'm not sure why they do not match, but it looks almost like a mistake. All that said, this item is uniquely suitable for my space (a 3-season porch with white beadboard ceiling), and I am not going to return it over the color issue.
My dad who installed this light said it was one of the best quality lights he has ever installed. It is perfect in my space and we are extremely happy!
Purchased for our 125 yr old cottage hall bathroom. LOVE it!!! The craftsmanship is wonderful. The light was easy to install. It is absolutely perfect!! Plan on buying another for my pantry.
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