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Offering a wide range of styles, from rustic to vintage to contemporary, this collection of Cord Hung Pendants offers easy-to-customize fixtures for both residential and commercial spaces. In addition to shade size and finish options, an assortment of cording options allows you to add even more personality to your ceiling lights. Read More »

What are cord hung lights and how are they used in homes and businesses?

Among the most ubiquitous mountings, cord hung lights deliver a timeless aesthetic to residential and commercial settings. To create this iconic look, a shade hangs from the ceiling with help from a stylish cord. By providing extra hints of character, cord hung lights are often emphasized as a room’s key decorative feature. Pendant lights can function as an eye-catching focal point or can assume a background role, blending in with and subtly elevating an existing look.

Along with these aesthetic benefits, cord hung pendants can also perform more practical applications. As task lighting above kitchen islands, these fixtures provide the perfect touches of illumination for chopping vegetables and preparing family favorite recipes. In larger commercial venues, like office buildings and retail settings, hanging pendant lights supply general illumination, creating warm, welcoming spaces to work or shop.

What styles are available as cord hung lighting?

Due to their aesthetic versatility, cord lights can accommodate nearly every popular style of lighting. For a familiar profile, our signature line of RLM shades recalls the timeless look of barn lighting. With a variety of shapes, ranging from classic designs to sleek modern lines, RLM lights are easy to incorporate into already-established décors.

Cord lights outfitted with schoolhouse globes contribute a sophisticated yet still casual look to a space. Hand-painted stripes, in several different patterns, supply color to cord hung schoolhouse lighting’s design.

For a more industrial or nautical aesthetic, durable guards and wire cages provide a contemporary edge to homes and businesses. By protecting the bulb, these guards and cages prioritize functionality in their designs.

How are cord hung lights constructed and customized?

Adopting techniques from vintage manufacturers, our RLM shades start as flat pieces of commercial-grade aluminum or steel. The metal is spun at a high speed on a lathe and worked by hand into the shade’s shape. This process makes our RLM shades artisan quality and incredibly durable. With hand-applied finishes, guard options, and wire cages, these lights adapt to any space’s preferred style.

Schoolhouse pendants are also customizable with hand-painted bands and various finishes for its mounting and canopy. Similarly, these vibrant finish colors can give nautical guard lights a more playful appearance.

All ceiling pendants in this collection include one of several different cord styles. Black or white cords provide a simpler appearance while chevron patterns and other colorful options and texture and draw attention to the fixture.