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Influenced by nautical lighting styles, our collection of Marine Dock Lighting includes rugged outdoor fixtures that can handle the elements! With a variety of shades, colors, and other customization options to choose from, these dock lights can add a splash of both style and safety to any waterfront location. Read More »


What lights are used for docks?

Docks, boat launches, and public piers require multiple sources of light — not only for safety, but also for activities like nighttime fishing and boat trips. Simultaneously distributing light throughout these outdoor spaces and establishing their aesthetic, these dock lights increase a dock’s functionality while giving it a unique sense of style.

What style are dock lights?

While lighting for these locations rightfully prioritize durability in their designs, many dock lights still embrace an elevated aesthetic. To establish the expected nautical look, our boat dock lighting affixes a timeless RLM-style shade to a rugged guard.

What shades are used for boat dock lighting?

Although most dock lights demonstrate a straightforward nautical aesthetic, the various shade styles offer subtle variations to the fixture’s appearance. Certain shades stick closely to the established RLM look while others adopt nautical influences. Fluted shades subtly evoke the ocean while other options replicate the lighting used on boats and ships. The shades simultaneously establish the fixture’s aesthetic and better spread light throughout the space.

How are dock lights constructed? Are they customizable?

To establish dependable, highly durable fixtures, we construct and assemble our dock lights in the United States. Every light in this collection is entirely made-to-order, granting the opportunity to create a truly custom look. Select from our abundance of powder coat finishes, glass options, and more and give docks or boat launches a distinguishing style.

Is dock lighting offered with LED?

Barn Light Electric’s dock lights are available as both incandescent and LED. For unprecedented efficiency, cutting-edge LED technology is integrated directly into these lights. LED components help reduce power bills and are environmentally friendly. By producing about 50,000 hours of light, these LED dock fixtures eliminate many of the maintenance requirements associated with lighting.