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Gooseneck LED Lighting offers timeless styles and the unprecedented efficiency of integrated LED technology! Incorporating LED lights into a residential or commercial décor greatly reduces power costs and establishes a uniquely elevated aesthetic. Fully customizable and made-to-order by hand! Read More »

The western-inspired look of the Laramie collection is now available in gooseneck LED lightst! Hang this classic barn light over the exterior doors of your...

Classic gooseneck barn lights are now backed by the power of LED technology from Cree, one of the nation's market-leading innovators in LED lighting, in the...

Providing plentiful down lighting, the deep bowl shade of the Old Dixie LED Gooseneck Light is the perfect exterior lighting for homes or commercial spaces....

Our deep bowl industrial lighting has undergone a transformation! We've integrated Cree's latests LED technology directly into the shade of our wall...

Giving style to eco-friendly lighting, the Universal LED Gooseneck Light lets any space exhibit an industrial atmosphere. Inspired by the lighting typically...

Affixed to a sturdy, heat-treated aluminum mount, the Bullet’s two lights supply ample illumination for various commercial applications. With the wiring and...

Gooseneck barn lights have been given a modern upgrade! Now featuring the newest LED components from Cree, one of the industry's leaders in LED technology,...

We try to look back to the designs of vintage lighting for inspiration. Lighting in the early 20th century featured a durability that went unappreciated in...

Love vintage styling but covet high-efficiency lighting? Now you can have both with the Ashland Gooseneck Light. Combining Cree's TrueWhite® Technology with...

Classic industrial lighting lives on in the Wesco Rustic Gooseneck Light. Embracing a rugged look, the deep bowl shade is fitted with a rustic guard. This...

The Cherokee LED Uplight Gooseneck features a flared RLM shade with horizontal slits in the neck that reflect the integrated LED's bright light. Barn style...

Our classic Outback Gooseneck Light is now available with energy-saving LED technology! This versatile gooseneck projects light both up and down through its...

With an innovative design and durable structure, the Bullet Sign Light assumes a utilitarian role within commercial settings. Contained entirely within the...

Classic gooseneck styles get the industrial treatment, creating a new one-of-a-kind look! This energy-efficient LED light is rated for both interior and...

Although the Playoff incorporates subtle vintage industrial influences, its design is centered on modern technology. Integrated directly into the fixture’s...

With a style dating back to the 1920s, the Academia Schoolhouse LED Gooseneck Light takes a classic feel and updates it by incorporating the latest LED...

Outfitting traditional designs with cutting-edge LED technology, our high lumen lighting is equally interested in style and performance! To establish an...

Why are home and business owners switching to Gooseneck LED Lights?
To establish state-of-the-art designs, our high-efficiency, environmentally friendly LED lighting utilizes the latest technology. By integrating the LED components directly into their structures, our gooseneck LED lights output about 50,000 hours of continuous light. When compared to more traditional sources of light, LED fixtures consume far less electricity as they brighten a space. This reduction in energy consumption substantially lowers power bills and greatly benefits the environment!
Multiple lumen options and color temperatures are available to gooseneck LED lights, which give home and business owners the opportunity to control the look and feel of the illumination. As general lighting, these LED modules are capable of emitting a natural light, reminiscent of incandescent bulbs, or they can produce a bluer light to accentuate specific features.
What style are these gooseneck LED lights?
Just like the non-LED versions, these gooseneck lights are inspired by the fixtures created by historic lighting manufacturers. While these lights embraced a timeless style that still appeals to modern designers, homeowners, and business owners, the lighting from that era is best remembered for its longevity. However, at Barn Light Electric we’ve renewed both the styles and dedication to quality craftsmanship demonstrated by vintage lighting.
Borrowing the manufacturing procedures of these companies, our RLM shades start with flat pieces of solid aluminum. The metal is handspun and meticulously worked into the shade’s shape. This process imbues our LED gooseneck lighting with attention to detail and dependability not found in other contemporary fixtures. This ingrained durability, when partnered with the longevity of LEDs, ensures our gooseneck lights become longtime decorative features of a home or business.
Is LED gooseneck lighting customizable?
Because we hand-make our lighting, this collection of gooseneck LED lights is fully customizable. Perfect for both interior and exterior lighting applications, choose from an assortment of powdercoat finish colors and a variety of gooseneck arm angles to create the proper look for your space. Capable of giving rooms a traditional, farmhouse look, the style offered by gooseneck lighting is versatile enough to appear in chic contemporary décors and industrial-inspired settings as well.
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