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Equal parts function and style, Wheeler™ Wall Sconces offer a unique style and plenty of light to the tighter areas of homes and businesses — indoor and out! Multiple layers of our signature porcelain enamel protect these wall lights in nearly any environment, while providing a high-gloss appearance.

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What makes Wheeler™ Wall Sconces unique?

Assembled and crafted entirely in the United States, our Wheeler™ lights are built to last in any setting. To construct these sconce lights, high-quality steel is skillfully spun into the shades by our talented team. After the shades are complete, our signature porcelain enamel is applied to the metal by hand. Coating solid-steel with durable porcelain enamel makes our wall sconces the most dependable lighting options currently available.

Because our porcelain wall sconces are entirely made-to-order, they’re customizable with numerous finish colors and guard options.

What style are Wheeler™ Lights?

The Wheeler™ Collection adopts the styles prominent in early century barns, gas stations, and industrial settings. Although these sconce lights demonstrate a classic look, their appeal is nearly universal. Thanks to their eye-catching character, these barn-style porcelain sconces are regularly incorporated into trendy modern spaces as both accent pieces and focal points.

How are porcelain sconces used in interior décors?

Taking on an undersized profile, these porcelain wall lights bring style to typically under-furnished and smaller areas of homes and businesses. While hallways, entryways, and laundry rooms lack their own sense of style, porcelain wall sconces supply the character needed to completely transform the aesthetics of these spaces.

With their small stature, wall lights can also function as subtle accent pieces in large interior settings. Incorporating these lights into interior rooms gives homes and businesses additional character and a more textured décor.

How is Wheeler™ Lighting used outside?

Due to the combination of porcelain and steel, these sconces demonstrate the durability necessary in exterior spaces.

To provide safety and security to outdoor locations, porcelain sconce lights can line a commercial building’s outer walls. These lights cast plenty of illumination onto sidewalks and guide visitors to the venue’s entrance. By brightening the building’s exterior, wall sconces help a business capture the attention of pedestrians and attract potential customers.

The same principle applies to houses located in urban neighborhoods, suburban developments, and rural properties. Including wall sconces on front porches, next to garage doors, and in entryways establishes a home’s curb appeal. With character from the porcelain sconces and a well-lit exterior, a house commands attention and stands out from its neighbors.