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Wall sconces are one of the most versatile lights available today. As accent lighting in larger rooms to primary lighting in smaller spaces, our Wall Sconce Collection includes a variety of both traditional and modern styles that are easy to customize for both residential and commercial venues!

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Conveying a classic midcentury style, the Lovell Wall Sconce becomes an eye-catching accent light in bedrooms, living spaces, hallways, and bathrooms. With...

Classic styles live on in this wall sconce. This interpretation of schoolhouse lighting features time-honored lines and a vintage-inspired shape. Thanks to...

Vintage lighting with timeless appeal, this schoolhouse sconce incorporates a globe-shaped glass shade into its design. In line with both trendy modern...

A favorite in both traditional and contemporary décors, this schoolhouse wall sconce features a truly timeless aesthetic. By centering its appearance on a...

A versatile fixture, the Egg Wall Sconce's universal appeal centers on its deep bowl design and simple mounting. The shade's curved shape offers the...

Taking a minimalist approach to its aesthetic, this wall sconce expresses the latest styles through timeless materials. As a decorative addition to the...

To give every home or business a classic style, the Aero incorporates a space-saving wall mounting and is offered in multiple sizes. By embracing the...

The Downtown incorporates a functional swing arm and eye-catching wooden socket establishing an elevated, contemporary wall sconce design. Often functioning...

This classic hanging wall lantern recalls an earlier time yet its tube shape lends a modern look to this wall sconce. Choose from three sizes, two...

Effortlessly conveying the latest design trends, the Sterling’s streamline profile carries an elevated sense of style throughout homes and businesses. As a...

Industrial styles serve as the inspiration of this sconce light’s aesthetic, letting it carry a unique decorative sensibility into the undersized spaces and...

Undersized bathrooms and powder rooms are difficult to decorate, and as a result they often feel unappreciated or disconnected from the rest of a home or...

Designed as a truly unique centerpiece, the Victoria Machine Age Sconce is sure to stand out. Inspired by trendy steampunk styles, this wall light...

The Huxley, one of our boldest creations, indulges our desire to develop imaginative new possibilities for our lighting. Consisting of exposed metal piping...

Add some Atomic Age style to your indoor or outdoor spaces with the Streamline Industrial Ring Sconce! This vapor jar wall sconce features a glass insert...

The Gladstone’s creative appearance incorporates contemporary influences while remaining mindful of classic styles. A sophisticated deep bowl shade is...

Minimalism represents the newest trends in interior design, but elements of this style can be traced back decades to the lights once employed in industrial...

A unique decorative flourish in any setting, this swing arm sconce can quickly revamp existing décors or become the highlight of remodeling projects. The...

With an aesthetic indebted to vintage lights, the Conoco shows off a sleek, almost flat, shade and charming socket. However, this plug-in sconce creatively...

Thanks to its undersized profile, the Wilcox Wall Sconce can bring style and personality to a home or business’s smaller spaces. Modeled after vintage...

Putting our unique spin on timeless industrial lights, the Atomic Topless Dual Sconce reinterprets a classic look to match modern design sensibilities. This...

Soar into the Atomic Age with our Industrial Static Topless Ring Sconce! This vapor-tight wall sconce is made to order and available in a brilliant array of...

With roots in historic designs, this LED vanity light combines old-world craftsmanship with modern flourishes. Three industrial lighting fixtures are joined...

This decorative barn light makes the perfect addition to your vintage porch or hallway lighting. Customize the Chestnut Wall Sconce with one of our vivid...

What is Wall Sconce Lighting?

Wall sconce lights typically have compact mountings that keep the fixture close to the wall or mounting surface. This low-profile design makes wall lamps suitable for narrow or tight spaces like bathrooms, entryways, hallways, and stairwells. Wall sconces are also adaptable as accent lighting in larger spaces becoming a vital component in a room’s overall design.

Types of Wall Sconce Fixtures

With endless options for lighting applications in homes and businesses, wall sconces are among the most aesthetically versatile fixtures available. From contemporary and trendy to more traditional looks, wall sconces are offered as: 

  • Barn wall sconces
  • Swing arm sconces
  • Streamline modern sconces
  • Bulkhead nautical sconces
  • Machine Age sconces
  • Plug-in wall sconces
  • Vanity sconces 

With dozens of customization options to choose from including finish color, mounting styles, LED options, and add-ons like wire cages and cast guard and glass, your wall sconce can be hand-crafted to complement most any décor or space. 

Room Usage

In interior spaces, wall sconce lighting is most often found in:

  • Bathrooms
  • Hallways
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Closets 

Some wall sconces are wet-rated for exterior use and can be found on screened porches, entryways, breezeways, and on garages, workshops, and other detached buildings. Rugged enough for commercial lighting applications too.