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With a subtle rugged character, LED Chain Mounts supply a contemporary-yet-classic feel to homes and businesses. Integrated LED components make these pendants energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Select a unique shade style and finish color and bring a truly custom look to your space!

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Timeless industrial styles and high-performance technology come together in this ceiling light. With a 24” deep bowl shade as a base, the Wilcox finds...

While the Original™ embraces vintage influences, its simple yet captivating profile remains a favorite in contemporary settings. The fixture’s rugged chain...

Rugged flourishes and industrial features are common in contemporary décors. Adhering to classic design principles, the Dino suspends an RLM shade from an...

While the Sterling’s flared shade embraces a clean, streamlined appearance, a nautical guard and rugged chain mounting give the design an extra hint of...

Rugged and eye-catching, the Avalon brings a heightened personality and plenty of character to residential and commercial locations. Although strikingly...

Popular in contemporary and traditional settings, the Marathon assumes an eye-catching industrial profile. A classic RLM shade and metal nautical guard are...

Vintage factory and warehouse lighting serve as inspiration for the Bridgeport. However, high-performance technology completely transforms its design....

Whether found in beach houses or urban businesses, the Union is the highlight of residential and commercial décors. This simple yet eye-catching design...

With its eye-catching dome shade and casual industrial influences, the Loma coordinates with the various styles popular in modern homes and businesses....

With its flared shallow shade, nautical guard, and rugged chain mounting, the Aero assumes a classic profile. However, fully integrated LED technology gives...

Playful features, industrial flourishes, and high-performance LED components intermingle in this inventive pendant. The Seaside’s fluted shape assumes a...

By embracing the latest technology and traditional influences, this design emphasizes reliability, efficiency, and classic styles. The Dominion’s shallow...

Through its vintage influences and high-performance technology, the Cleveland represents the ideal partnership between style and function. Using industrial...

A modern update to vintage-inspired designs, the Rochester integrates LED components into classic warehouse lighting. This technology is known for its...

The Syracuse’s classic design features vintage influences but receives a modern update thanks to cutting-edge LED technology. Successfully balancing...

With its simple lines and eye-catching nautical appearance, the Bomber communicates both contemporary and traditional sensibilities. By invoking vintage...

Successfully balancing performance and aesthetics, the Chicago recreates vintage industrial fixtures with a modern technology. Integrating LED components...

Rugged flourishes, state-of-the-art technology, and classic styles combine to create this versatile pendant light. The deep bowl shade is the ideal vessel...


What is chain mount lighting?

Finding the right balance between vintage and modern principles, chain mount lights establish their timeless style with classic fixtures and a rugged mounting. An RLM shade, schoolhouse globe, or rustic guard is suspended from the chain mounting, resulting in an elevated industrial character. For an extra touch of color, the pendant’s cord is weaved through the chain. With this eye-catching style, chain mount pendants suit the mentalities of both traditional and contemporary designers.

How is Barn Light Electric’s chain mount lighting different?

Outfitted with the latest technology, every chain hung fixture in this collection incorporates cutting-edge LED components. Other sources of light transform most of the energy they consume into heat, not illumination. LED fixtures are different and convert electricity into light with far greater efficiency. This significantly reduces the amount of energy needed to brighten homes or businesses, scaling back power bills and helping buildings meet “green” building codes. Multiple color temperatures and lumen options dictate the tone and brightness of the light.

What styles are available as LED chain mount lighting?

To provide homes and businesses with their perfect aesthetic, several styles of shades and fixtures are offered as chain mount lighting.

  • RLM (Reflective Luminaire Manufacturer) Shades: Among the most iconic and recognizable lighting styles, RLM shades provide a timeless, grounded character to residential and commercial venues. RLM lights function both aesthetically and practically in these spaces. Numerous shapes and styles are available to reflect everyone’s preferences.
  • Schoolhouse Lighting: Simultaneously contemporary and timeless, schoolhouse lights are increasingly prominent with modern interior designers. Hand-painted stripes contribute playful touches of color to the shade’s appearance.
  • Nautical Guards: Complementing coastal, industrial, and rustic décors, these rugged fixtures suit today’s most popular styles.

How are LED chain pendants constructed? Are these fixtures customizable?

All BLE’s chain mount lighting is manufactured and assembled entirely by hand in the United States. Our signature RLM shades begin as flat pieces of commercial grade aluminum, copper, or brass. The metal is handspun and carefully shaped until the RLM shade is formed. Powder coat finishes, available in a wide selection of colors, are also hand-applied. This imbues our RLM shades with durability and makes them among the most dependable fixtures available.

Schoolhouse lights and guard sconces can take on various styles with help from the available finish colors. For a more refined aesthetic, consider neutral and subtler finish colors, or to create a playful appearance, select one of the livelier options.

See our full selection of LED barn lights to complete your home décor.