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To create their eye-catching aesthetics, our chandeliers consolidate multiple light fixtures into their designs. Not solely decorative additions to a space, these 3-light chandeliers also supply homes and businesses with ample illumination, establishing a welcoming atmosphere. Fully customizable and American made, elevate your décor with a one-of-a-kind chandelier!

Schoolhouse lighting was born when manufacturers began hiding bare bulbs behind charming glass globes. This chandelier continues this original look for...

Ceiling lighting with plenty of nautical flair, the Alliance 3-Light Chandelier features three cast guard and glass fixtures, each attached to a pipe...

Complementing a wide variety of décor sensibilities, the Dino fits multiple hand-crafted RLM shades to a sturdy stem mounting. The three shades spread...

Consolidating multiple warehouse shades into a single chandelier, the Calico Chandelier can become the main focal point of residential and commercial...