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At Barn Light Electric, we’re dedicated to preserving the legacies and lighting of historic manufacturers. In this collection, you’ll find porcelain enamel shades, holophane glass pendants, and architectural brass lighting that were originally produced by these companies. Every vintage light we carry is carefully cleaned, rewired, and refurbished before listing. Because these are authentic vintage lights, only a limited number of fixtures are available.

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Vintage Crouse-Hinds Industrial Pendant Light Save discount 23%
Save discount 33%
16" Vintage Appleton Explosion Proof Flush Mount Save discount 36%
Waverly Light | Polished Chrome Save discount 33%
16" Vintage Benjamin Explosion Proof Shade Save discount 23%
Sunflower Light | Polished Brass Save discount 33%
Paris Two Arm Light | Polished Chrome Save discount 33%
Paris Single Arm Light | Polished Chrome Save discount 33%
The Village Single Sconce | Statuary Black Save discount 33%
Courtney Single Shade Light | Statuary Brown Save discount 33%
Napa Single | Satin Nickel Save discount 33%
24" Vintage Pemco Gas Station Light Save discount 23%
Chrysler | Polished Chrome Save discount 33%

What is Vintage Lighting?  

Originally manufactured in the early 20th century, these vintage lights are some of the very first shades, styles, and designs ever created. Crafted in an era when quality meant more than quantity, many of these fixtures remain in service today.  

Each fixture has been rewired for safety and exhibits many details that show the character built throughout its years of service.   

These fixtures are genuine vintage designs. That means there’s a limited number of lights available. Once they’re sold, that’s it!  

Types of Vintage Lighting Fixtures  

With this collection, we wanted to recreate the feeling of wandering through a secondhand store and discovering hidden gem. However, unlike those trips, you won’t have to dig through endless options to find the perfect vintage light for your space.  

Our vintage lighting collection encompasses the various styles popular throughout the previous century and comes fully refurbished and ready to install.  

Vintage lighting consists of some of the most classic styles, including:  

  • Explosion-proof lighting  
  • Industrial lamps  
  • Polished chrome & architectural brass lighting  
  • Gas station lights  
  • Porcelain reflector shades  
  • Runway lighting  

Other Vintage Products  

At Barn Light Electric, we love all things vintage. That’s why this selection of vintage products isn’t limited to lighting. In this collection, you’ll also find:  

  • Candle Sticks  
  • Bathroom Accessories  
  • Furniture  
  • Kitchen Accessories  

Room Usage  

Vintage lights are suitable for use in both residential and commercial settings. Including these historic fixtures offers an elevated character, completely unique from modern alternatives. These lights are commonly installed in:  

  • Living spaces  
  • Dining rooms  
  • Kitchens  
  • Offices  
  • Restaurants  
  • Boutique retail stores  

Vintage lighting gets an extra touch of vintage style with the use of nostalgic Edison style light bulbs.