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Designed for the tighter areas of homes and businesses, LED wall sconces pair innovative technology with timeless styles. This lets LED lights establish a unique décor while they reduce a home or business’s energy demands! Create a unique look with numerous finish colors and other customization options! Read More »

Why are Barn Light Electric’s LED Wall Sconces unique?

Meticulously designed to ensure dependability and longevity, our LED wall sconces integrate cutting-edge technology directly into their shades, resulting in a highly efficient and environmentally friendly source of light. The innovative LED components employed in these sconces produce an unprecedented 50,000 continuous hours of light. Compared to traditional lighting options, LED sconces emit this illumination while consuming far less electricity than incandescent bulbs.

Switching a home or business to LED lights substantially reduces power costs and maintenance times associated with brightening a building. The decreased electrical consumption also helps a venue adhere to “green” building codes. In addition to the financial and environmental benefits, our LED sconce lights let home and business owners select the lumens and color temperatures for their spaces.

There are aesthetic benefits to installing sconces as well. Mounted along exterior walls or throughout indoor spaces, barn-style wall sconces and rugged guard lights subtly command attention to elevate a space. However, in smaller spaces like laundry rooms and entryways, a sconce light becomes the main decorative feature.

What styles benefit from LED wall sconces?

While these wall sconces find inspiration in vintage lights, many of these designs fit in seamlessly with contemporary decorative mindsets. A sampling of the styles that benefit from these lights include:

  • Farmhouse: Based on the fixtures first found in agricultural settings, the wall sconces located in this collection contribute the proper aesthetic for both traditional and modern farmhouse décors. To create an enviable farmhouse look, consider timeless RLM designs or even a guard sconce for a unique twist on this style.
  • Industrial: Subtle industrial flourishes from guard sconces give homes and businesses a fashionable contemporary edge.
  • Contemporary Eclectic: In spaces abundant with influences and accessories, both RLM sconces and rugged guard lights provide balance to eclectically-styled modern homes and businesses.
  • Coastal and Nautical: For those who envision a fashionable nautical look, guard and glass sconces provide authentic details to homes and businesses.

Can these lights be customized?

Because our LED sconce light fixtures are entirely made-to-order, it’s easy to personalize their looks for individual projects. For both RLM shades and guard sconces, an abundant assortment of finish colors — including bright, playful, and restrained options — helps these fixtures adapt to a space’s mood. A wire cage affixed to the outer brim of RLM shades creates an industrial inspired décor. Several tints for the glass inserts subtly transform a guard sconce’s appearance.
See our full selection of LED barn lights to complete your home décor.