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Industrial Guard LED Triple Vanity Light

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With roots in historic designs, this LED vanity light combines old-world craftsmanship with modern flourishes. Three industrial lighting fixtures are joined to a single wall mounting, resulting in a versatile design. By providing ample illumination and hints of character to restrooms, this fixture will become an essential addition to every restroom décor. A fully made-to-order, various powder coat finishes let the vanity fixture adopt any space’s style.

LED components are integrated into the fixture’s design, maximizing its lifespan and output. Far more efficient than standard options, this technology produces illumination with minimal wasted energy. With this fixture, homes and businesses can reduce their overall power demands. Save money and revamp a restroom’s décor with handcrafted vanity light!

  • Features die casted guards and customizable jelly jar glass!
  • Made-to-order, learn more about the process here.


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