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Suspended from a classic cord, these LED pendant lights prioritize both aesthetics and efficiency in their designs. Numerous styles, cords, and finishes — along with lumen options and color temperatures — let you personalize LED cord-hung lighting for your space! Elevate your project with LED lighting! Read More »

Why do homes and businesses replace standard fixtures with LED lights?

Replacing standard incandescent fixtures with LED lights offers numerous benefits to homes and businesses. Based on classic styles, these ceiling lights provide the character needed for a grounded décor. From traditionally-decorated homes to contemporary businesses, this array of LED pendant lighting puts the finishing touches on residential and commercial spaces.

To establish a partnership between these styles and cutting-edge technology, LED components are integrated directly into the fixture’s structures. Renowned for their efficiency, LED pendant lights offer significant savings to a home or business’s power costs by requiring little electricity to brighten a room. Reducing a space’s energy consumption is additionally beneficial to the environment, and LED ceiling pendants help homes and businesses meet “green” building codes.

As a fashionable alternative to the plain, strictly utilitarian aesthetic associated with LED lighting, these pendants let homes and businesses obtain a truly unique, elevated décor while simultaneously decreasing their electricity bills!

What are cord hung pendants?

Cord hung pendants suspend timeless shades or classic fixtures from a stylish cord, imparting a touch of character to both residential and commercial settings. With these pendants, a room concurrently feels illuminated and fashionable.

As general illumination, cord hung lighting is affixed to tall ceilings, filling commercial venues and living spaces with warm, welcoming light. This makes shoppers in department and boutique stores more comfortable as they’re browsing racks of clothing or handmade items.

However, the RLM shades are designed to direct light downward onto specific surfaces, providing light for individual tasks. Suspended above kitchen islands and counters, LED pendants provide plenty of light for prepping meals and washing dishes. In bars, breweries, and restaurants, a single fixture helps separate individual booths and tables from the rest of the dining room.

Types of LED Cord Hung Pendants

  • RLM Shades: While this style originated in the early 20th century, RLM lighting remains prominent in modern décors. With their familiar aesthetics, RLM pendants imbue commercial and residential venues with timelessness and style.
  • Schoolhouse: Developed when lighting manufacturers began concealing bare bulb sockets behind glass globes, schoolhouse shades remain popular in contemporary spaces. These glass shades typically demonstrate a classic appeal; however, with stripes and lively colors, they take on a more whimsical appearance.
  • Nautical: Adapting the lights once found on ships for everyday applications, nautical lighting is popular in numerous spaces outside of coastal-inspired décors. Thanks to their rugged profiles, these lights match the principles used to decorate many contemporary spaces.
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