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As a source of primary illumination in voluminous commercial facilities, the Kickoff produces an extremely bright, high-lumen light. With this LED light installed throughout stadiums, shopping malls, and other similar venues, commercial buildings create an inviting atmosphere.

To produce the illumination necessary for expansive commercial settings, the Kickoff 2-Light Pendant consolidates two state-of-the-art  technology...

The latest technology, vintage influences, and a commitment to craftsmanship come together to establish a powerful, reliable source of general...

To supply voluminous commercial settings with bright, welcoming light, the Kickoff incorporates powerful LED components into its deep bowl shade. By...

With a design that emphasizes performance and functionality, the Kickoff’s state-of-the-art technology and time-honored craftsmanship establish a...

Durable, powerful, and remarkably efficient: The Kickoff fills large, open commercial settings with bright illumination while lowering operating costs...