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industrial wall sconce

Industrial Lighting Still a Favorite of Both Residential, Commercial Customers

If you’ve never shopped our website, a great place to start is the Shop by Style menu. Just click on Lighting at the top of the home page and it’s right next to Porcelain RLM and Barn Lighting. These style categories give you a sampling of the fixtures we offer in some of today’s most popular styles including farmhouse, nautical, and schoolhouse lighting.

ceiling pendant lights

Barn Lights Add Rustic Style to Napa Event Venue

As a classically trained musician and composer, Florante Aguilar travels the world advancing and popularizing Philippine music through film, recordings, and live performances. When he and his wife, Fides Enriquez, a filmmaker and painter, wanted to create a space for intimate artistic events, they looked no further than their own back yard. An old barn that once served as a greenhouse and storage space behind their home in Napa, California, was ripe for renovation.

high lumen led pendant

High Lumen LED Collection Expands at Barn Light Electric

Continuing with major league additions to our handcrafted line of LED lighting, Barn Light Electric is excited to announce the latest round in our High Lumen Lineup Collection.

The Kickoff and Overtime feature modern deep-bowl styling designed to brighten large commercial facilities with their brilliant LED illumination. Combining performance, efficiency, and durability into their designs, these newest additions to the Barn Light lineup set a high bar for commercial LED lighting.

Year in Review

Year in Review | Top Pinterest Pins for 2016

With the holidays in the rear view mirror and the new year upon us, it’s fun not only to reflect on the past 12 months but to look ahead and plan for 2017. Many people use post-holiday weeks to take stock in their home — to see what needs repairing, refreshening, or a major overhaul. When it comes to finding inspiration for your home renovation projects, the choices can be overwhelming.