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IES Downloads

Please Note: IES files can be downloaded but not previewed without the appropriate program for previewing.
Warehouse Shade Series – WHA, WHB, WHD, WHS, WHU  

Shallow Bowl Shade Series – SBA, SBD  

Deep Bowl Shade Series – DBL, DBW  

Radial Wave Series – RWS  

Sign Light Series – ASE, ASF  

Bullet High Lumen Series – BSL, BDSL, LBP  

Lineup High Lumen Series – AIL, LDBW, MIL, OIL, SIL  

Schoolhouse High Lumen Series  

Cast Guard & Glass Series  


All currently available IES files are indexed above. This list includes many of our most popular lighting designs and styles. If the IES file for your shade or fixture isn’t included above, please submit a request by completing the following form. Once received, a representative from our sales team will be in touch.

The "Product Code" field in the form refers to the product code that’s automatically generated as you select customizing options for your fixture. This code is located on the website product listing or can be created by utilizing the fixture’s specification sheet. Please make sure you choose your preferred customizing options before submitting a request for an IES file.