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Keep your cool no matter what style you love! With this curated collection of modern fans from manufacturers we know and trust, air continuously moves throughout a room to keep cooling costs in check. An assortment of contemporary finishes, styles, and blade options helps you place the perfect finishing touch in your modern home! Read More »

What makes a ceiling fan “modern?”

No longer restricted by traditional parameters, modern ceiling fans have discovered creative new looks. To express contemporary preferences, current styles adopt sleek, streamline shapes and embrace chic polished metals, falling in line with the latest architectural trends.

However, not every modern fan shuns tradition entirely; wood is still a prominent material in these designs, and many fans continue to embody timeless styles. Instead, these fans innovate with the number of blades used in their designs. Rather than the expected four blades, contemporary fans may incorporate three while others increase that number to six or sometimes even more.

How do modern ceiling fans function in a décor?

Ceiling fans are too often overlooked when designing a room, and in many cases are excluded entirely from contemporary décors. While not always the first decorative feature visitors notice, a stylish modern fan can dramatically alter and elevate a room’s appearance. With these aesthetic details, which give a décor additional depth, rooms appear immaculately decorated and thoughtfully curated.

Are modern ceiling fans still functional?

While modern fans place an obvious emphasis on style, they still fulfill their necessary practical obligations. Multiple speeds distribute and spread the perfect amount of air throughout the room. Some fans are available with handheld or wall mounted remote controls, making it simple to adjust the velocity. To properly illuminate a space, modern ceiling fans with lights help every room feel welcoming, hospitable, and comfortable. In smaller bedrooms and spaces, these lights often function as primary illumination while larger rooms use them as supplemental lighting.

Where are modern ceiling fans installed? And what styles do they complement?

From more casually decorated dens and bedrooms to formal living rooms, contemporary ceiling fans are installed in nearly every room of the house. With a diverse assortment of shapes and designs available, it’s easy to incorporate new fans into houses, condos, and apartments.

Décor styles that include modern fans:

  • Industrial
  • Urban Contemporary
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Chic Minimalist
  • And many more

Along with residential applications, commercial venues like restaurants, office buildings, and boutique stores also install these fans. This creates comfortable environments for employees to work and customers to eat or browse products.