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Thanks to its powerful and efficient LED technology, the Goalie is an integral addition to large-scale commercial facilities like stadiums and amphitheaters. By producing high-lumen lighting, the Goalie helps these voluminous spaces appear inviting while saving money on energy.

To illuminate large commercial facilities, the Goalie outfits a rugged metal shade with state-of-the-art technology. Fully integrated LED components...

Developed as a powerful source of primary lighting, the Goalie embraces cutting-edge technology and vintage industrial designs. Two shades produce ample...

Meticulously engineered with performance in mind, the Goalie integrates LED components directly into its structure — a truly ingenious design. The resulting...

High-lumen lighting, essential in commercial buildings, helps large-scale spaces appear welcoming and hospitable. To emit illumination with the mandatory...

With its industrial aesthetic and powerful technology, the Goalie was meticulously engineered with large commercial spaces in mind. To help these...