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Supplying the rugged edge often sought by contemporary décors, our Industrial Furniture Collection provides stylish accents and accessories to elevate a setting! Partnering beautiful wood with a thick industrial structure, our furniture exemplifies the modern approach to design. Select from various wood options, stains, and finishes to create a look unique to your décor! Read More »

With a large stature and dramatic industrial aesthetic, the Jager Desk makes a statement in residential and commercial office spaces. Partnering a hefty...

With its expansive profile, the Margot Wine Rack transforms your wine collection into an eye-catching decorative display. Mounted to vacant wall in kitchens...

With its subtle, yet obvious, industrial character, the Brooks Adjustable Stool puts the finishing touches on any contemporary décor! The Brooks’ appearance...

Featuring the durability and unique style sought in contemporary bars and restaurants, the Mitchell Bar Stool provides touches of personality to these...

Occupying the space above kitchen islands and countertops, the Julia Hanging Pot Rack is a functional and decorative addition to a kitchen. By joining a...

With an eye-catching modern aesthetic, the Industrial Towel Bar subtly revamps a bathroom’s décor. Crafted from durable aluminum piping, this towel bar...
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To give bathrooms a subtle makeover, the Industrial Toilet Paper Holder offers an opportunity to replace basic toilet paper holders with something more...
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To reinterpret a familiar look, the Mitchell Chair incorporates stylish industrial influences into its design. A heavy-duty metal frame serves as the...

To communicate nostalgic styles, the Winston incorporates two triangular steel mountings and a handmade wood shelf. Mounted to the walls in living room,...

Dimensions: W 20" x H 25"  Frame: Welded Steel with Powder Coat Finish.  Felted Corners for Scratch Protection. Wood:  100% Natural Solid...

What is industrial furniture?

Sturdy, minimal, and noticeably fashionable: Industrial furniture embraces rugged design flourishes to establish a contemporary style. Honoring traditional industrial aesthetics, this furniture pairs a heavy-duty metal frame with a wood top, simultaneously communicating warmth and dependability. In many pieces, hardware is left visible as subtle reminders of the classic influences and to articulate the furniture’s innate functionality.

What are some characteristics of industrial décors? And how does industrial furniture function in these spaces?

As former factories, warehouses, and historic buildings are repurposed and remodeled into living spaces, many contemporary residences demonstrate an edgy style. To pay homage to their origins, industrial architectural features — brick walls, concrete floors, exposed ductwork, and aluminum piping — are repositioned as a home’s primary decorative focal points. Thanks to this look’s growing popularity, newly constructed homes, located far from the downtown lofts where this style was first invented, often attempt to recreate this aesthetic.

Modern businesses too have embraced chic industrial décors. Adorned with corrugated metal, aluminum piping, and bare bulb lighting, chain restaurants in suburban areas and businesses in urban shopping districts use rugged flourishes to obtain a trendy, unique commercial identity.

By placing these features in the background, industrial décors often appear chicer and more comfortable than one might expect. Consequentially, successful industrial décors are almost entirely contingent on their furniture and accessories. For texture, colorful artwork enlivens the space while soft couches and bold curtains prevent rooms from feeling cold and inhospitable. When mingling with these other design components, industrial furniture establishes the foundation for a unique contemporary aesthetic.

The furniture incorporated into these spaces should emphasize durability, simplicity, and authenticity in their designs. To create fashionable offices, a standing desk sets the tone for a room’s décor while providing ample workspace. Accessories constructed from aluminum piping, like towel bars and toilet paper holders, contribute a modern edge to bathrooms and powder rooms. In the kitchen, a hanging pot rack increases storage while an oversized wine rack transforms your wine collection into an eye-catching design feature. And in commercial venues, bar stools and industrial chairs provide ample seating while featuring the durability needed by these high traffic spaces.

How is industrial furniture constructed?

Every piece of furniture we manufacture begins with raw materials. Pieces of wood are trimmed to size and, when necessary, artfully joined together to form a single solid table top. It’s then sanded, the edges are rounded, and stain is applied to give the wood its proper aesthetic. A hefty commercial grade steel frame functions as the furniture’s sturdy foundation. Aluminum pipes are fitted together to create the towel bar, toilet paper holder, and hanging pot rack.

A diverse selection of customization options determines the furniture’s style. Lighter stains enhance the wood’s natural character while darker stains contribute sophistication to the furniture’s aesthetic. For those enamored with rugged styles, galvanized finishes and distressed stains replicate authentic industrial features. Bright finish colors give the frame a touch of playfulness, subtly softening the furniture’s appearance and drawing in attention.

This entire process is implemented entirely by hand, imbuing our furniture with an unmatched level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Because our furniture is completely made-to-order, you’re given unrestricted control over every piece’s appearance. With fully customizable industrial furniture, every room can adopt its own truly unique style!