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Nostalgic for old-world rural charm, this assortment of furniture adapts the traditional farmhouse aesthetic for modern applications! Using a thin metal frame and stunning wood, these coffee tables, end tables, and more can be seamlessly incorporated into a home or business’s décor! Made by hand and fully customizable! 

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Nolan Stool


Warner Bar Table


Beckett Coffee Table


Chevron Console Table


Brady Standing Desk


Magnolia End Table


Jax Toilet Shelf


Sasha Breakfast Bar


Theo Standing Desk


Arthur Writing Desk


Remy End Table


What is farmhouse furniture?

Characterized by a casual, timeless appearance, farmhouse furniture echoes the relaxed approach used to decorate many modern homes and businesses. Most farmhouse furniture abandons unnecessary decorative frills, instead focusing on classic shapes and styles. To produce furniture in line with these sensibilities, Barn Light Electric centers the designs found in this collection on sturdy metal frames and eye-catching wood tops. By partnering wood with metal, BLE’s farmhouse furniture demonstrates the simplicity and durability needed in these décors.

How does farmhouse furniture function in traditional and modern décors? What rooms typically incorporate this furniture?

Farmhouse furniture, while highly fashionable, often serves supporting, more utilitarian purposes in homes and businesses. This lets a house’s architectural features, wall art, and decorative accessories become its rooms main focal points. To foster cozy, welcoming environments, much of the furniture found in farmhouse décors prioritize comfort and functionality in their designs.

As one of the home’s primary gathering areas, homeowners should pay extra attention to the living room’s décor. While rarely considered a focal point, large coffee tables, from a central position in a room, facilitate the various activities that take place in the living room. The coffee table is where relaxed weeknight meals are eaten in front of the TV, where friends congregate to chat and watch movies, and where feet are rested at the end of the day.

Elsewhere in the living room, end tables flank couches and loveseats. Situated along walls, behind the couch, or in nearby entryways, console tables are covered with framed photographs, decorative accessories, and knickknacks. Bookcases too make it easy to fill a room with personal touches.

In bedrooms, end tables are used as night stands, supplying an elevated farmhouse look and offering a resting place for lamps, clocks, and glasses of water. Portable kitchen islands provide an extra workspace for chopping vegetables and preparing favorite meals, while complementing the room’s overall aesthetic. Stools offer seating around breakfast bars or built-in kitchen islands. Both home and commercial offices incorporate farmhouse-style desks and bookcases. Dining room tables — including communal tables and bar tables for restaurants, cocktail bars, and breweries — contribute unique focal points to residential and commercial settings. 

How is farmhouse furniture constructed?

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each piece of furniture in this collection is constructed entirely by hand. Wood is cut to size, sanded smooth, and when necessary, fastidiously joined together to create a single top. To obtain the preferred aesthetic, an abundance of stain options — ranging from natural looks to ones resembling distressed wood — enhance the furniture’s appearance.

To form a heavy-duty metal frame, steel is welded together, and various powder coat finishes dictate the furniture’s personality. Colorful finishes supply liveliness to the design while more restrained options help the furniture play a supporting role in a décor. Holding the wood and materials in our hands throughout the construction process means every piece of furniture we produce is imbued with quality.