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Canarm Barn Reversible Speed Control (Up to 4 Fans)

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Base price   $61.00

In commercial facilities with multiple ceiling fans, this speed control allows easy adjustments to up to four fans.

  • Included: Faceplate, Knob & Hardware
  • Included: A Slide Switch Is Provided To Change The Direction Of The Fan From Updraft To Downdraft
  • Features: 5 Amp Rating For All Reversible Models
  • Features: Infinite Speed Adjustment

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Canarm reversible speed control arrived quickly after I ordered it and the product met all my expectations and performed as expected.
great product
Delivery was right on time. Replacement part was replaced without question. Jesse was especially helpful in putting me on to technical people at the fan company and they walked me thru the process of hooking up my fans. Ichi bon
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