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Custom Opportunities

Some projects require one-of-a-kind lighting, and our talented team is capable of bringing the creations you envision for your space to life. Whether you’re dreaming of a bold new concept or need a special tweak on one of our established shades, our design specialists make it easy to develop your ideal look—no ideas are too big and no aesthetic is unobtainable! From the initial design stage and production of prototypes to the time the fixtures are manufactured, our team works with you one-on-one to ensure the custom-made lights meets your expectations! 

Unmatched Quality

We manufacture custom lights completely in-house and employ time-honored techniques such as metal spinning to construct these fixtures. This process gives us unrestricted control over the quality of materials and lets us pay careful attention to the finer details as we build our lights. Our custom lights are tested and conform to UL 8750 and UL 1598 safety standards. 


With hundreds of custom jobs under our belts, our team leverages their years of experience in the lighting industry as they create custom fixtures. From engineering to fabrication, we have a proven track record with the design and large-scale production of custom lights.

Unique Finish Colors

With options ranging from whimsical colors to elegant copper and brass, we carry a diverse selection of finishes. However, if your desired color isn’t among our listed finishes, we can obtain the truly unique options your space needs!

One-of-a-kind Statement Pieces

Businesses like upscale hotels, popular bars and restaurants, and large office buildings demand unique statement pieces to stand out from the competition. Thanks to our custom abilities, it’s easy to create these decorative features for your projects. From intricate oversized chandeliers to smaller but still eye-catching pieces, custom lighting helps every business establish its own distinct aesthetic.

Possible Styles

Because our custom designs start from scratch, any style you can dream up is possible—your imagination is the limits! With options encompassing RLM lighting and other traditional shades, along with more contemporary fixtures and architectural lights, it’s easy to discover inspiration and get started on a brand new look.


Creating a custom design doesn’t mean sacrificing the latest technological advancements. With their compact stature, high-performance LED technology can be integrated into nearly every custom lighting design. This lets all custom fixtures brighten spaces with far more efficiency than standard sources of light while still embracing a unique appearance.


What Do I Need For Custom Designs?

Before we can start designing and building your custom fixtures, we’ll need to see the sketches, drawings, or pictures that inspired your idea. Along with these aesthetic details, we also want to know some technical information: What dimensions are you considering? Standard incandescent or integrated LED? Will the fixture need to be wet, damp, or dry rated?

Modifications vs. Custom Design?

Modifications, ranging from minor tweaks to inventive looks, transform designs and shades we already manufacture into entirely new creations. Fully custom lights, ones beginning with an original idea that doesn’t incorporate our existing parts, will require us to engineer brand new components.

Can I Get A Sample?

Yes, a sample fixture can be sent to you after an initial prototype is produced. If there’s something you wish to change about the fixture after receiving a sample, alterations can be made at this time. Once a final design is agreed upon and we begin to manufacture your order, no further modifications are possible.

How Long Does This Process Take?

Generally, custom orders are produced in four to six weeks. However, the amount of time your individual order will take depends on a wide variety of factors, including the complexity of the fixtures and whether it’s a modification or a custom design.

How Is The Pricing Determined?

A quote is determined by the number of fixtures you commit to order. Design, build, and any other fees are built into this quote. While there isn’t a minimum number of fixtures you must purchase, the total for all custom orders must be above $10,000.

Who Do I Contact?

For more information about custom orders or to inquire about a possible design, please email

Can I Return My Custom Lights?

Unfortunately, because these fixtures are one-of-a-kind designs, we do not accept returns on custom orders.