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Tala, a leading innovator in the light bulb industry, has successfully elevated the light bulb into an object of design. With their high-performance technology and eye-catching styles, these LED light bulbs help homes and businesses obtain beautiful décors and reduce energy consumption!

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With its diminutive size and enduring style, the Lurra contributes a touch of character to lighting fixtures. To create its timeless aesthetic, the Lurra...
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With its timeless appeal and compact profile, the Elva captures attention without distracting from a space’s architectural details, furniture, and other...

To create the perfect compact light bulb for modern spaces, the Porcelain II embraces attentive craftsmanship, the latest LED technology, and traditional...

The Porcelain III features the efficient performance and timeless style sought by modern homes and businesses. By complementing myriad styles and trends,...

Featuring a sophisticated appearance and efficient technology, this LED bulb exemplifies the spirit of modern design. Made from mouth-blown glass, the Enno...

Presenting a subtle rounded shape, the Oblo’s noticeable modern charm complements the unique styles found in today’s homes and businesses. This...

Eye-catching yet practical, the Oval embraces a sophisticated style and efficient technology. The bulb’s soft rounded shape expresses an elevated...

By adopting a unique triangular shape and the latest LED technology, the Noma’s design prioritizes aesthetics and performance equally. Representative of the...

Simultaneously decorative and functional, this LED light bulb establishes a unique partnership between captivating aesthetics and sustainable technology....

With its dramatic appearance and LED technology, the Voronoi II expresses the contemporary mindset that light bulbs should be as beautiful as they are...

Tala’s bulbs represent the belief that LED light bulbs should be as beautiful as they are efficient. Many of their bulbs are entirely mouth-blown, demonstrating the company’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality. By adopting a wide range of influences, Tala offers unique looks for every space. Their large, decorative designs are evocative of organic materials and appear naturally sculpted. Other bulbs present casual contemporary styles, which regularly function as subtle focal points in kitchens, living spaces, and more. For additional touches of character in homes or businesses, Tala also produces vintage-inspired light bulbs.

As high-performance sources of illumination, Tala’s LED light bulbs are environmentally friendly and budget-minded. This technology transforms electricity into light with very little energy wasted as heat. This efficiency means less electricity is required to brighten a space.

Tala’s bulbs complement a wide variety of lighting styles. With their heightened appearances, these bulbs are the ideal option for bare bulb pendants and sconces. When used in fixtures with shades, these bulb designs redefine and elevate the light’s aesthetic.