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This selection of statement lighting delivers bold colors, dramatic designs, and plenty of personality to homes and businesses. With their fully customizable looks, it’s easy to create a unique focal point for your space. Crafted entirely by hand in the United States!

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A classic factory light, American made industrial pendant lighting is now available in two larger sizes, perfect for spacious warehouses, factories, and...

Finding inspiration in mid century lighting fixtures, the Saturn-Vega 4-Light Chandelier invokes the streamline moderne style typical of that era. Featuring...

Schoolhouse lighting was born when manufacturers began hiding bare bulbs behind charming glass globes. This chandelier continues this original look for...

With a style circa the midcentury, the Bubble embraces the playfulness that often epitomizes contemporary design. Aesthetically, this chandelier...

Mid-Century style lighting in a modern lighting fixture, the Mercury 8-Light Chandelier brings a rustic style to any space it's installed. Combining eight...

A statement piece in any setting, the Canal provides ample illumination and an elevated aesthetic to homes and businesses. Joined to an industrial mounting,...

Beauty doesn’t need to be complex. Sometimes stripping away the shade, and any other decorative features, is the best way to create a stylish new look....

Putting our unique twist on contemporary looks, this fixture hangs six bare bulb pendants from a single canopy. This new look adheres to streamline,...

A striking addition to any setting, the Von Braun embraces vintage lighting styles. Four RLM-style warehouse shades are joined to a single structure,...

Best characterized as a mechanical approach to style, decorative pieces adhering to the “Machine Age” aesthetic proudly display their structural components,...

Minimalist chandeliers are now common additions to residential and commercial decors, and the Ellis makes its mark on this style. Showing off a versatile...

The Huxley, one of our boldest creations, indulges our desire to develop imaginative new possibilities for our lighting. Consisting of exposed metal piping...

Modeled after historic chandeliers, the Maven features industrial elements that translate perfectly into modern décors. Eight sockets are mounted to a large...

How can lighting become a statement piece?

Modern architecture, both residential and commercial, employ light fixtures to make a memorable statement. Positioned in the center of a room, eye-catching fixtures establish an inimitable décor, one that gets visitors talking and helps businesses stand out.

There are two basic ways lighting can become a breathtaking statement piece. The first is by featuring bold aesthetics, large-scale dimensions, and imaginative new designs. These dramatic chandeliers and light fixtures demand attention standing out as a décor’s primary focal point. The second method is outfitting classic lighting styles with vibrant colors, elegant materials, and other subtle twists on classic looks.

Tips and advice for using lighting to make a statement

Installing bold lighting choices is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make a statement in a home or business. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting fixtures for a space.  

  • Size and Scale: Large fixtures immediately capture attention when installed in a residential or commercial setting. However, the size of the venue must be considered as well. If a fixture is too big, a room may feel dominated by a single decorative feature. Alternatively, spacious rooms, vast entryways, and large commercial facilities often require oversized focal points to avoid appearing vacant, empty, or under-styled.
  • Mix it up: Most lighting fixtures have standard applications. Using them in non-traditional ways is guaranteed to draw focus. For example, instead of the expected pendants above the table, install goosenecks above booths in bars and restaurants.
  • Smaller statement pieces: Lighting doesn’t have to be a large-scale fixture. Sometimes smaller, thoughtfully selected accent pieces are enough to redefine a décor.
  • Along those lines: Statement lights shouldn’t be thought of as something only for voluminous lobbies in commercial buildings, rooms with tall cathedral ceilings, or other expansive settings. A simple fixture deployed in an unexpected application or finished in a vivid color can make a statement in smaller settings.
  • More than one: Instead of a single, oversized fixture, create visually arresting displays by incorporating multiple lights.

What styles of fixtures can be used as statement lighting?

From creative modern designs to fixtures indebted to traditional looks, lighting used as statement pieces encompass the complete spectrum of lighting styles. These looks include:

  • Barn-style lighting and RLM shades
  • Contemporary chandeliers and pendants
  • Rugged nautical chandeliers
  • Industrial-inspired wall lights, pendants, and chandeliers
  • Stunning yet simple minimalist designs

How can standard lighting designs be used to make a statement?

While many people solely envision massive chandeliers or sprawling wall lights as “statement lighting” everyday lighting fixtures can be used as dramatic focal points. Colorful finishes, sophisticated copper or brass shades, and other customization options transform traditional lighting designs into dynamic statement pieces.