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Eclectic modern designs demand creative accessories to carry a playful character into residential and commercial décors! From colorful patterns to imaginative designs, separate your space from all others with our assortment of eclectic lights, dinnerware, and decorative accessories! Take a look at this assortment of our favorite options, and then visit our other sections for more! Read More »

The Kao Flush Mount Pendant’s design was first developed in the 1950s. Despite these vintage origins, its casual appearance and creative lines complement...

While still resembling traditional fixtures, this swing arm sconce builds on previously established styles to produce a creative new design. A diminutive...

Looking for a truly unique cord hung pendant for your home or office? Don't miss the Pollock No. 02! Designed to catch your eye, the Pollock No. 02 adds an...

Outfitted with a timeless aesthetic, our Vivianne Bench supplies the fashionable finishing touches needed by every kitchen and dining room! A wooden bench...

Embracing the latest contemporary trends, the Venice’s sleek lines and clean profile make it an instant favorite in modern homes and businesses. With a...

Featuring a pattern similar to others in the Pollock Collection, the Pollock No. 08 adds a new splash of color, blending Red into the Delphite and White...

A playful stripe of color completes the imaginative look found in our dipped collection! With finishes ranging from vivid to refined, this colorful set of...

A subtle change for our timeless design, the Original™ is now outfitted with a vented neck. Circular or oval-shaped slits let traces of light escape through...

Embodying the creative spirit of modern design, the Milan Cylinder Pendant partners a contemporary shade with unique features. For an inimitable style, the...

Another stunning piece in the Pollock Collection is the Pollock No. 13. An ideal way to make your home stand out, our Pollock No. 13 is full of eye-catching...

Yellow porcelain enamel glass is hand-applied onto a layer of White, then carefully smeared before it dries, giving the Pollock No. 05 its incomparable...

Giving a room its own personality is challenging to even the most seasoned designers. Finding various accessories that complement one another and coalesce...

What are eclectic décors?

Instead of sticking to one style, many contemporary designers consolidate a vast array of influences into an individual space. What would once be considered a disjointed look is now viewed as a singular, unified décor. This open-mindedness to style lets individuals put their own personal stamps on their homes. Because no two people share the same tastes, every eclectically decorated space takes on a truly unique appearance.

Despite the willingness to mix styles, designers warn against abandoning major design rules. To avoid feeling overly busy and crowded, an eclectic décor shouldn’t incorporate too many contrasting styles. Eclectic spaces generally use a neutral color scheme as a foundation and then integrate subtle influences from other looks. This selective mismatching helps rooms appear playful, lived-in, and personal.

What are some characteristics of eclectic décors?

Eclectic modern styles are epitomized by the diverse assortment of patterns, textures, and influences included in a space. Accessories ranging from newly purchased home décor items and cherished family heirlooms to souvenirs from vacations are carefully curated to showcase occupants’ hobbies, tastes, and interests. Furniture from multiple design periods, including retro midcentury, Danish modern, and among others, are used throughout the home, prioritizing what works best for the space over the individual style. Designers recommend a neutral palette, but strategic use of bright colors helps a room appear playful and alive.

What about lighting for eclectic spaces?

Because different looks are mixed and matched, nearly every lighting style can be included in an eclectic décor. Bright, vivid finish colors imbue playfulness into a room while subtler options help the fixtures adapt to already established styles.

  • Industrial lights provide a rugged, contemporary edge to homes and businesses.
  • Modern designs function as accent pieces in eclectically styled spaces.
  • Retro fixtures, like schoolhouse shades, ground eclectic décors with their timeless character.
  • Because of their inherent simplicity, bare bulb lighting fits seamlessly into eclectic décors.